Sweat during sex (TMI, needless to say)

I sweat during sex. My girlfriend, not so much. This can cause problems sometimes since there comes a point in sweatiness when sex pretty much has to stop, lest I accidently drown my girlfriend. Sometimes we’ve been at it for a while and I’m ready to finish but she’s not, so I hold off on orgasming for a while. Skip forward ten minutes, and I’m drenched in sweat. Now she’s telling me she wants to see me finish, but I know if I do that we’ll both be soaking wet from myself, as well as the sheets, any nearby blankets, and whatever else might be nearby. We’ll actually have to take another shower if we’ve already taken one.

But guys sweat, so I can’t be alone in this, right?

Or am I?

Actually, I’m not really sure.

So that’s my question here today. Neither one of us are really sure how common my level of sweating is. I do drink a lot of water. More than most people. But I’m not so sure that causes me to sweat so much more than everyone else.

Here’s what I want to know.

How much do you sweat? Do you get damp? Do you drip sweat? Are you wet enough that it looks like someone poured a glass of water over your head?

Does it interfere with your sex?

How much sex is tolerable to you during sex?

Both of our inquiring minds are a-pondering.

I can tolerate 100% sex in my sexual encounters quite nicely. However, I can go as low as 80% sex when bathroom, snack, and shopping breaks are taken into account.

Never had sex in Florida but anytime I’ve done anything in The South more demanding than putting my socks on I’ve been a sweaty mess within seconds. My advise is to do some science and take your girl on a road trip to each state in the US and make love several times in each at different times of the day and then report back regarding you perspiratory tendencies.

Please report back here in one week.

Me, not so much, deifinitely not to dripping, usually damp.

At least one partner would sweat a lot and it was a bit of a turn-off, honestly.

At this point, I’d put up with quarts of sweat as well as farting, belching, fungus, mildew, halitosis and dry rot although that last one is a bit off topic now that I think about it. (It’s been a dry summer.)

How much do you sweat? Do you get damp? Do you drip sweat? Are you wet enough that it looks like someone poured a glass of water over your head?
I can get pretty damp, but I live in an arid climate where sweat evaporates pretty much right away.

Does it interfere with your sex?

How much sex is tolerable to you during sex?
I like a lot of sex during sex. A sweaty partner usually means I’m doing a respactable job as an attentive lover, so I really haven’t run into a “Eww! sweaty! Get it off me!” level of sweat yet. But I’d sure like to see if I can get to that point.

When we actually have sex, the boyfriend and I get really sweaty. I like it, though. Seems more passionate and fun with all the perspiration.

Dewey can work up quite a sweat during sex - and although it doesn’t bother me in the least, he sometimes stop to grab a towel or discarded piece of clothing to mop his brow.

We usually make sure the ceiling fan is on to help with this.

I will often grab a wet washcloth after we are done and wipe his brow and other various parts as my thanks for giving me some great sex.

As with anything that is worth doing, I put my heart and soul into sex if it be in air conditioned comfort, a blanket on the beach, a quickie in the car, a chair on the screened in porch, in the swimming pool with the lights out or whereeverthehell. If I sweat and if she sweats, then we have done something well and we have done it naturally and will, probably, hopefully, possibly, so it yet again. I ain’t got time enough to worry about a little sweat.

You’re a horrible, freakishly sweaty monster and your girlfriend smells of elderberries!

Hmm… obviously it depends on the warp factor, but I’ve never worked up so much sweat that it’s gotten in the way. I actually rather enjoy it.

Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

think so Autolycus, but me and Pipi Longstocking, I mean, what would the children look like?

My husband will get a bit sweaty as he… gallops toward the home stretch, shall we say. If I’m beneath, it’s been known to drip on me. It embarrasses him, but I honestly don’t care. It’s not like we aren’t sharing other bodily fluids, and there’s going to be a shower in a little while. Or the next morning.

I have experienced this twice with two different guys I dated. It wasn’t a drip here or there, it was like raining on me. I will admit that it is distracting and I often would find ways to move so that I could wipe my face or whatever.

With the first guy I dated I would change positions. The second guy, well he just sucked at sex so the sweating made the entire night nasty… but to each is own. Some girls like that. Like seeing him really into it and giving his all. I’m not one of those girls if it is at the point he is raining all over me… Maybe if it happened with someone that I came to love it wouldn’t be a big deal…

Do you get sweaty during sex? Only if you’re doin’ it right.

Fresh sweat is usually pretty inoffensive stuff - at least in an objective sense - it’s just salty, skin-flavoured water. It’s only day-old sweat that stinks, under normal circumstances, so I don’t personally think it’s a big deal.

Do you still sweat a lot of she’s on top, doing the majority of the “work?”

I do.

Thanks for the responses everyone. We appreciate having a few new, fresh perspectives. It’s also good to know that I’m not a freak of nature.