Riding the tide - sex during menstruation

Well, Aunt Flo made her visit today. Such is life. I mentioned this to my boyfriend, who replied that is was particularly inopportune because we were planning on celebrating our two-year anniversary in a carnal way. I mentioned that not every guy balks at the idea of doing the forbidden monkey dance when his partner is having her period, and that I know this from personal experience… ahem. He thinks I’m full of it - that “most guys” don’t want to see chunky blood on their penises. I said he’s unqualified to speak on behalf of all or even most men, and he said, “Poll! Ask the Teeming Millions!” So here I am. I realize this poll won’t be statistically significant, but my boyfriend accepts this flaw (and he’s a statistician!).

In short: if your girlfriend/wife/whatever is riding the cotton pony, does this hinder your amorous advances at all? Or do you just pop the cork and go for it?

Ah, and lesbians, please do chime in. I had a four-month long semi-relationship with a woman, so we visited this issue a few times. We agreed that digital sex was workable, but oral sex…no thanks.

Count me in as a member of the Red Water Rafting Society. It has always been up to the girl for me. If she is comfortable with it (most have not been) then away we go. I mean it’s just bodily fluid, right?

My only complaint is that I can’t go down on her during this time. I don’t feel complete unless I get to eat her out at least once during lovemaking.

Damn Pstarr set the bar so high with his clever little “Red Water Rafting Society” remark that I almost didn’t reply, as I knew I’d never be able to come with a euphemism as good as that.

Then, I realized: screw Pstarr! Who cares if I’m not clever?

I don’t mind sex during the period, although on the heavy flow day, I find it slightly distasteful. (The fiancee usually only has one really heavy day, so we can usually wait one day. If we can’t, we do it in the shower.)

[sub]still giggling over Red Water Rafting Society, btw…[/sub]

Pop the cork, I say. From my own experience, it’s usually the gal who’s far more uncomfortable than I. One very loved lady swore by orgasms to help her cramps, too; of course I couldn’t really evaluate that, but I didn’t need much of an excuse to help her get some. It might help some of you ladies guilt the more squeamish guys in your life into action.

I’ve heard the cramp easing thing as well from a previous girlfriend. She was cool with sex during menstration, so it didn’t bother me much. Used a condom so I didn’t get especially icky and that was about that.

My wife calls me a vampire…our favorite time of the month.

I’ve never had a problem with it. Well, except for when the flow starts while you’re inside her, and the first thing that runs thru your mind is “Oh damn, I done broke da pussy!” Then a split second later you remember the schedule. This seems to be happening a lot with lady bug. She gets rather insatiable right before the flow starts.

The only other real problem is the stained sheets. No matter what you put down, it gets on the sheets. The lady bug has a special set of sheets for these days. The shower advice is a good one… just don’t use soap or shampoo as a lube. (Conditioner works ok, though!)

As for cunnilingus, you can still do it! I mean, you shouldn’t go around lapping at random menstruating women on the street, but if you’re sharing bodily fluids already, there’s no added risk in getting a little blood in your mouth. Gross? Well, life’s not always a bowl of cherries, baby. At face value, applying suction to your member ain’t pleasant either. The giving is its own reward. If you’re that averse to it, just don’t stick your whole face in there, Pstarr, and watch hers instead! :wink:

And finally, the first time I had sex with a woman on her menses, I found it rather spiritual. I remember it better than I do losing my virginity to her. I got the same feeling that I get when I see other marvelous wonders of nature, like nebulae, the anatomy of the cochlea, coral reefs, that sort of thing.

Never bothered me, though it can make a mess of the sheets. Even going down is not precluded; you just limit your attentions to the magic button.

My boyfriend doesn’t post here but he has no trouble at all with having sex when I’m menstruating. We just use an old towel to protect the sheets and take a quick shower afterwards.

Nothing wrong with leaving a tampon in until you actually have to remove it.

Holy smokes! Talk about words to live by!


My husband has never had a problem with it. Like a lot of people here have said, I have more of a problem with it than he does. This isn’t due to the mess. I usually just get so sick and sore that sex is the farthest thing from my mind. But when I am in the mood, he never fails to, er…rise to the occasion :slight_smile:

It never stopped me, in fact I like the thought of not having to worry about getting her pregnant. An old towel on the bed and a shower together afterwards.

But women who aren’t are a different story, right? Logically, If X equals true than !X also equals true, right?

Hmm. I suppose this could explain some problems I keep having with police.

Zero perspiration, my young friends. Just take a shower afterward.

Thank you Jeannie. I have no problem with bodily fluids. But I gotta tell you guys, if I can’t even fit into my ‘big girl pants’ and I’m crying at the Sensory Deprivation episode of the Simpsons while curled up under an afghan physically punching my own uterus, begging it to die…

you ain’t getting laid anytime soon.


I’m a guy and I’m proud to say that I’ve earned my redwings!

Truthfully, it was a fantastic experience! It seems that women who do enjoy sex while menstruating enjoy sex more at that time of the month than anyother (but I’m a guy so watta I know?)

My periods (before I was drugging myself out of them) ran about three days.

  1. cramps, pain, emotional roller coaster, mental issues. No. no sex. None. Hold me. Only not like that you bastard! Fuck you! I’m going to soak in the hot tub at the gym! I hope you die! Oh, sorry, honey. weeps

  2. Bleed like a stuck pig. Apologise for anything I can remember from the day before. Mmmm…sex in the shower…

  3. just about normal. Lots of sex if at all possible. (Okay, that part of it is normal.)

So my basic answer is Yup! Its exchange of bodily fluids. This is new and different how? I swallow. Thus I better get sex on demand.

The ex didn’t have a problem with it at all, and he was the first person I ever did that with. Old towel kept handily by the bed for about a week each month.
I will admit to being a little more - uh - amorous at that time of the month. However, no red wings on my man. Ever. That just won’t work for me.

Blood makes hair stick together.

My boyfriend and I found this out the hard (and painful) way.