"I hope you're not one of those guys..."

My girlfriend came over and said that she gets really horny on her period and wanted to have sex. I was kinda grossed out by it and she sighed and said “I hope you’re not one of those guys…”

I still bonked her and the sex itself was fine, but of course, there was a giant blood stain on my sheets. She said next time we’ll put a towel underneath…

Is it supposed to be normal that guys (and girls for that matter) wanna have sex during menstruation? I’ve never encountered it before and frankly seeing that stain on my bed has not endeared me to the notion.

I have a pretty strong aversion to blood in general, so I guess I am one of those guys.

Lights (off), towels, action… not my first choice, but don’t see what’s so difficult about it.

Dude, of course you put a towel down. With girls who don’t like doing it on their period, I get the impression it’s more about their own self-consciousness than necessarily a lack of desire. To you it really shouldn’t matter.

Yeah I won’t do it during my time of month. I find it gross and yes, I’m a lot more self conscious about it because let’s be honest…it’s not attractive at all lol Yeah, I something get really turned on but I’ll just deal with it rather then let anything go on during the bloodsplosion.

How about doing it in the shower?

I’m one of those guys too.

But I really came here to say: Bonked? is that what the kids are calling it now?

I always found the enjoyment of sex far, far outweighed any distaste for seeing blood. It washes off of skin, and a towel keeps the sheet clean. The classy thing to do is to buy a dark red towel and save it for a special purpose.

Far, far outweighed. And then some.

Some girls give the courtesy of informing you, others let you discover it yourself.

When I was a lass, I was extra horny during my period and I’ve heard that is quite common. Though from an evolutionary standpoint it seems quite weird - you should be maximally horny around ovulation, no?


If anything, the blood adds a raw, animal quality to the sex. I love it all.

Bonked. Not a real romantic term. I always thought one would bonk a one night stand. But bonking a gf, I have never heard it before. So, it maybe what the kids are calling it now.

And, I am in the do it in the shower camp, when the moon comes. Easy cleanup.

I used to have a married girlfriend. She only came around when it was during her period. Kinda felt like I was getting the short end of the stick. I was, like, 25 at the time.

I have been known to become quite horny at that time. …towels are your friends:)

Yeah. Someone bonked someone over the head and that’s where the bloodstain came from.
I would have thought the towel would go down as a nice compromise from her. That’s just good manners.

Since it is only the repeated insertion and withdrawal of objects into the anatomical region of the female that contains the frank blood that causes the “blood stain problem” substituting a manner of sexual congress that satisfies without the requirement of insertion should overcome it entirely.

In my experience sexual practices that meet this requirement are available. I am happy to report that they work fine.

If insertion is a requirement then a bath room and a $5 swimming pool mattress will do the trick. If followed by a mop and bucket and some water.

All I can do is smile right now. Those days were over for me 6 years ago. Yippee!

Extra lube… just don’t go down, duh.

I’ve gone down on girls during that time of the month. So I guess I’m NOT one of those guys.

My old pappy always told me, “Son, you can wade the Red River. Just don’t take a drink.”

I’ve had girlfriends who got particularly horny during that period, and others who didn’t want to be touched during it. Best to take the cue from them. I can go either way.