Sex during her period? (probable TMI)

Women AND men, do you do this:

a) Willingly?
b) Reluctantly?
c) Eeeeeeeww, that’s gross?

Any elaboration welcome.


Plus, two words: Natural lubrication.


A) What’s gross about it?

all of the above
and it can be some of the best sex ever.
In my experience, women tend to be more intensely horny at that time -or something- I wouldn’t claim to understand female physiology that well.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s messy, it’s gross, but if sex didn’t feel so good, it would just be disgusting blood or no blood.

It depends on how bad the cramps are. If they are bad, I don’t want anyone touching me.

It helps the cramps, and yes I’m often hornier than horny at that time.

If he’s up for it… sure. If not, I’m not bothered.

Perhaps i should have answered my own question in the OP, just to clarify where i stand.

My answer is also (a).

But i have heard people who think it’s really gross and would never do it under any circumstances.

I have also met women who just don’t feel like it at that time, while other women really like it.

A and B. Sometimes I’m really horny around that time, sometimes I’m not. I’m not grossed out about it. However, some men are REALLY immature about it, and I don’t know why. It’s not like I’m the only woman in the world who has this terrible affliction. Come on, if you’re not gay, you’re going to have to deal with it.

A) usually. It’s the perfect time of the month for shower sex.

I’m not grossed out about it, but sometimes it’s a bit of a surprise. (I believe intercourse sometimes stimulates the onset of a period).

My ex used to “neglect to mention it”, which bugged the shit out of me.

I don’t care if I’m on my period unless: it’s heavy that day, or (TMI alert) I happen to be passing clots that day. Clots are just not sexy, nope. heh

Out of the partners I’ve been with, only one hasn’t minded. The rest of them were too grossed out to even try it once, on a light day (near the end of my period.) I don’t entirely blame them but I’m still bothered that they reacted so strongly. A woman has a period for one week of every month, that’s a lot of missed opportunities over a lifetime!

Some partners wouldn’t have any sexual contact with me for the entire week. One of them suggested that week be “blow-job week”. I don’t think so… If I was so contaiminated that my entire body was off-limits to him, then my mouth was likewise off-limits to him. I’m not miserly with my “affections” but I didn’t feel it was fair.

A. It feels very primal, I love it.

Well, I’ll go with A, although it falls somewhere between A and B depending on the ‘flow du jour’. A woman’s period is not a constant stream. It can be light at the beginning, heavy flow in the middle, and lighter at the end.

  My husband and I don't hesitate if the mood strikes us, but we often use that time of the month as an opportunity to pursue other avenues of stimulation, if you know what I mean.

  *apologies for TMI*

plain_jane, were you willing to dedicate the week before or after as cunnilingus week?

What an arse. I don’t know why men are so weird about this sort of thing… As a woman, I’m insanely curious about the goings on of the male anatomy.

It pains me that the majority of men don’t appear to be nearly as fascinated with us.

Fwiw, my boyfriend is okay with it… just not as fascinated by it as I would be.

I will take d. Don’t like it because it doesn’t feel good to me.

It isn’t that it is gross. But the area is more sensitive to me that time of the month and not in a good way.


Eh, I get really…excitable during that part of the month, but the idea of having to clean up really squicks me out. If my SO wanted to, I’d be all for it, but it’s not something I really desire to do. I can take matters into my own hands. And I can take HIS matters into my own hands, too <eg>.

Amen! :slight_smile:

(Yeah, that would be an A for me as well. Except for the first two days, when leaving my nether regions devoid of absorbent material for even a few minutes will result in a visually rather accurate depiction of the floor of an abattoir.)

This is really gross, but I’d like to share. I had a friend whose SO would actually pull the tampon out with his teeth. What he’d do then to dispose of it, I don’t know. I feel that’s going a bit too far, but I’d rather have a guy do that than a have guy who fears a little bit of blood.

As for the messy part of it, my SO and I just use a dark towel, or stay in the shower. Orgasms are the best cure for cramps!!