Sweatshirts: full zip or pullover?

That’s pretty much it. A cold-weather top, men’s or women’s (sweatshirts, hoodies, fleeces, sweaters, etc.).

In general, do you prefer full-zip or pullover?

I have both, I would rather wear full zip, because of ease of removal, if I get hot. I wear them regularly around the house. I often have one under a vest when out of doors.

Full zip. I haaaaaate clothes around my throat.

I wear sweaters. Pullover only.

Which ever is closest when I feel I need one.

Pullover. I don’t like anything on the “jacket” side if an alternative from the “pullover” side is available. My coats need closing only because nobody makes pullover coats.

Pull over, and no freakin hoods.

I’m a big fan of the quarter zip pullover. It’s a great, easy, clean look.

Up until a few years ago it was hoodies only (regular pull over sweatshirts). I have tons of them. I wear/wore them all the time. Then I blew out my right shoulder and leading up to my surgery they were getting more and more annoying to put on and take off. The day of surgery I switched to zip up hooded sweatshirts since I wouldn’t have been able to deal with getting them on over my head and I haven’t looked back.

I have some fleece(?) lined ones that I wear in winter instead of a coat and in summer I have some thinner ones that I wear on all but the hottest days.

I would prefer the pullovers if they were ever made long enough, but they are not. They are always too short. So I get the extra long zippy hoodie instead.

Never anything but a zip-up. I’m too old to be pulling outer garments over my head that I’ll put on and take off during the course of a day. I’m perfectly capable, but I find it annoying.

Had a thread a few months back looking to replace my favorite, ancient hoody. Went with Carhartt’s Paxton. Turned out to be a great buy. Softer than I thought it would be, warm, and water-repellent to boot

Gotta be zip up. I do not wear sweaters (ever), and a pull-over sweatshirt isn’t for me. If I got one as a gift, I’d give/throw it away.

When lounging around the house, I’m OK with a pullover, but for outside wear, it’s hoodie with a zipper. When it’s cold enough outside, I’ll wear both…

Full zip. I want the option of having an intermediate step when I’m not to cold and be able to wear it unzipped. I usually run hot so often I don’t want it zipped up.

When wearing an ordinary sweatshirt, I prefer pullover.
When wearing a hoodie, I prefer full zip.

No hood/common sweatshirt and it has to be pull-over. Hooded I want a full zipper and pockets; those I never could wear as pull-overs.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. It’s all I wear. Getting hard to find too.

I hate the pullover hoodies because they are too tight to my neck and then the heavy hood pulls the neckline even tighter. They shrink up when put in the dryer, so I hang them to dry. The hood takes days to dry.

I like layering with a zip sweatshirt or zip/button cardigan the most. I don’t mind a pullover sweater…without a hood.

Pullover sweatshirts - live upstairs in the bedroom; they are attire that is worn, frequently in the house, but also out, over jeans.
Zip up - live downstairs in the coat closet; they are jackets that are only worn out.
I have dozens of sweatshirts, most given to me by events. In the past 15 years from one event, I have 1 crewneck, 1 zip up, & 13 hoodies, including the last 11 straight. I really wish they mix it up some more as I only like to wear one hood at a time, whether it’s on a sweatshirt or jacket; otherwise, it all gets too bulky.

I need to get a zip at some point. I only have pullovers at the moment.