Sweet Tooth (TV show) - Open spoilers after the first post

Is anyone else watching this Netflix series? it’s a sort of post-apocalyptic fable, complete with magical realism and a quest.

I’m three episodes in and I’m enjoying it enough to keep watching, but not loving it either… it’s just a certain sort of gentle I haven’t seen in a while, and I find it mostly relaxing.

If you’re the kind of person that questions plot as you go along, or tries to make things cohere, it might not be for you.

I struggled through the first episode and part of the second before throwing in the towel. Pure glurge. The whisper-growl voice-over was especially awful. (And I’m pretty sure I would have thought the same if I hadn’t already read the first 15 or so issues of the extremely different comic back in 2009-2010.)

BTW, you might out of curiosity want to try the first issue of the comic removed after seeing the first episode of the series. It doesn’t have spoilers for later episodes in it.

Hey, the link in this post led me to some pretty unsavory places, though it did briefly flash on the comic before going elsewhere. I’m going to go ahead and report it, but nothing personal.

Doesn’t happen for me. You must not use add-blockers.

[Here] removed is an alternate site, but I really can’t tell you what will happen if you aren’t using an ad blocker, because I would never under any circumstance do that.

Wife and I watched the first couple episodes. Yeah, not really my thing, though my wife is enjoying it. So I guess we’ll keep watching. It’s ok in a rotation with some other stuff we’re watching these days. But it seems very much like YA fiction with an emphasis on the ‘Y’ and not so much the ‘A’.

OK, that makes sense that it’s originally a comic. Does every TV and movie adaption come from a comic book these days? Uh oh, I think I’m sounding like an old man :roll_eyes:

A much darker, grittier comic.

Oh yeah? Maybe I’d like the comic better than the Netflix show, then.

Yes, it is kind of like if they had taken The Walking Dead and made it into a family-friendly fairy tale.

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I’ve read the entire comic but didn’t like it very much, but it’s been so long I don’t really remember why. I dislike Jeff Lemire’s artwork, so I thought the show might be a better fit for me. I’ll probably give it a shot. I read an article that said they gave it a more optimistic tone, so hopefully, it’s not a huge bummer at least.

By the way, here’s a link to the first issue on the official DC Comics site. It’s free - but requires registration with the site.


The rest of the issues require a paid subscription to the site.

I was interested by the premise and liked the first episode a lot but it’s been all downhill from there and I’m only up to episode 4, which was total filler. I’ll stick with it to the end just to see what happens.

A series that focused just on Dr Singh and his wife would be a better watch.

I have never read the source comic.

That is funny, I find the shows grinds to a halt when they’re on screen. I like the Zoo Lady and the main characters.

Different strokes I guess.

Make sense really. The advantage of 3 storylines I guess.

What’s up with the much less human looking hybrids? The groundhog hybrid was especially creepy.

Not sure. I’m hoping for an explanation in the last 4 episodes but bitter experiences with other series leaving stuff like that hanging makes me expect otherwise.