Swingers Clubs Ruled Legal

From this article-

Swingers clubs are now legal in Canada.

What do you think will be the long term effects of this judgement?

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Personally I’m only interested in monogamous relationships, but I agree with the ruling 100% so no debate from me.

It will be used as an example of how government in a free society would / should / could work.

I love Canada :slight_smile:

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“The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.” :wink:

Not my cup of tea, but not a cup I’d deny others. If only the US was as forward-thinking as our Canadian neighbors. What adults do in private is no business of the state.

Something between very, very little and none.

**Aren’t they legal here (USA)? **

Years ago I remember going to one a couple of times, not a lifestyle choice that I’m still interested in but not one I’m opposed to either. I remember at the time several magazines with addresses of clubs and personal ads for swingers, oddly enough I can’t remember any from Canada. Kudos to Canada for staying out of individual private lives and knowing when to seperate detremental behavior and when to butt out. But now I have to wonder, how about America, or England, or Austrailia? Are swing clubs and that type of activity legal or socially tolerated anywhere else?

I’m shocked - shocked! - to find that the government of Canada trusts its adult citizens to make their own choices regarding their sexual relationships.

It’s obvious that Canada is a radical, subversive nation, and we ought to invade and subdue it immediately, before its values infect America, and bring this great nation to its knees. :wink:

No arguments from me. Although I am surprised that this is a new development. I would have thought that such a club would have already been legal in socially liberal Canada.

I am also curious as to whether they are legal in the US? I thought they were?

OTOH, I recently read an article about “Dogging” which is the new trend in England and is spreading. This is something that should be cracked down on, since it takes place in public and is dangerous IMO.

UK law is uncertain on this point. The owner of the Whiplash Club was acquitted in 1996 on charges of “keeping a disorderly house”, although he allowed sex to occur on the premises. However, any club of this sort requires a licence from the local council, and no council would grant a licence to a club that actually offered sex in its advertising material, and could revoke an existing licence if the behaviour of the club-goers was sufficiently “immoral”. It’s also possible that advertising a sex club as such might be considered “solicitation”, contrary to various anti-prostitution laws.

Funny story. Some friends of mine in high school went skinny dipping. There were about a half dozen boys and a couple girls. Afterwards they drove home, still naked, and ran from the car into the house. A car driving by had an off duty cop in it, and he called it in.

Police showed up in force and entered the home. They found the group hanging out smoking some pot, all still naked as the day they were born. The one who lived there actually got charged with something like “having a house of ill repute” which was an old whore house law. He actually got in quite a bit of trouble.

One caveat I have in my support for this new Canadian law. I don’t see any problem with having a sex club, although it’s certainly not anything I’m interested in. However, you shouldn’t have a right to operate such a club wherever and whenever you like. Local towns should be able to block them with zoning laws the same way that strip clubs are controlled.

I’d also argue that there’s a lot of difference between a commercially operated club that generates revenue and a more social club that operates out of somebody’s house. Business like clubs should be subject to more regulation and limitations. I certainly wouldn’t want one to open up across the street from me, and the zoning laws should be in place to block that from occuring.

I was going to say the same thing. I’ve always thought they were legal. As long as you’re not using it as a cover for illegal prostitution, I can’t imagine what law would prohibit it.


I’ve been out of the dating game for a while, but 20 years ago, there were still some states and municipalities where it was illegal to have sex with somebody you weren’t married to.

Hopefully, that’s changed…

I suppose this is a good thing–it’s not for me, but who am I to say what is for others in matters such as this?

I do have a concern, though. What about disease transmission and spread? What if these clubs take off and are the hot new thing–and there is a sharp increase in STDs and HIV?

Surely that would involve the government, at least the CDC-or the Canadien equivalent, no?

You’d be surprised. They get raided every now and then. They aren’t always charged. There are some TN cases holding that they can be houses of assignation under this statute.

I have no problem with the ruling, can’t imagine it will have a serious impact on anything and would be surprised if its illegal in the US. I suppose it could be a quasi area if prostitution is involved or alleged…perhaps it would be difficult to regulate or something due to this factor. How are the Canadians handling this aspect (or are they)?