Switzerland's Referendum and media bias

I just noticed this article on the BBC regarding Switzerland’s recent referendum on citizenship:

Regardless of how you feel on the issue itself, don’t you think that the article was very biased? They did not interview anyone from the winning (majority) side. They also added some inflamatory language about (ubsubtantiated at least in the article) applications from Africa and Yugoslavia.

I never believe the liberal bias claim but this article is fairly blatant. Thoughts or am I just over-sensitive?

Not really biased at all. If it sounds harsh it’s because Swiss immigration rules are kinda harsh.

Come on. The one quote from the losing side was “this is a sad day for Switzerland” meanwhile the article had already stated the position of the winning side was that “[the new rules] would undermine Swiss identity”. Did you want a post election gloat quote?

Though the last paragragh would be where I homed in, if I was the suspicious type.

Which seems to imply some racial discrimination, perhaps overhighlighting it in your opinion?