SyFy Dark Matter cancelled

This may only affect me and the 50 other people worldwide watching the show, but another nice little space science fiction series bites the dust on a cliffhanger. Just got around to watching the season, now series, finale earlier today.

Ah well, who wanted science fiction on a channel called SyFy anyway. More time for un-reality shows. Isn’t that why they changed the name?

Aww, man. I’ve never been a big fan of shows set in space, but I do like this one :frowning:

That stinks.
I really enjoyed it.

OP: Don’t be so pessimistic: they might do a movie in a few years which resolves the cliffhanger.

While I can’t think of the name offhand, I am sure there was a series this happened with. Any names come to mind?

Damnit, that blows.




I guess all 50 are on this Board. I like that show.

Damn! I’m not going to start watching any more SyFy shows since they always cancel the ones I watch.

Damn, excellent show with smart scripts most of the time. I feel like this was the spiritual child of Firefly. Maybe Netflix or Amazon will pick it up?

I really hope that they don’t kill Wynnona Earp and Killjoys too.

Don’t know about Wynnona Earp, but Killjoys was picked up for two more seasons

I’d say it doesn’t matter, but that seems dark for a cafe society thread.

Well, fuck.

Not only did it end on a cliffhanger, but had so many balls in the air. The Black Ships? The corporate war? The android rebellion? Five’s sister? Evil Two and Eviler Three? Now, nada. No resolution.

That’s annoying, I’ve actually only gotten into the first few eps of this season. Figured I’d wait till it was all out first.

And so it might be my fault.

Now, I’m not taking all the blame here, but I am taking the blame of people like myself. People who do not watch a show live, but instead, wait until it is convenient to watch it in the bits that I find most convenient. Sometimes I only like to watch a show in an evening, sometimes I have a few hours to kill, and I feel like binging.

But, I assume it was canceled due to ratings, and people who watch shows the way I do aren’t really good for ratings on network shows. Maybe it would do better if it moved to a subscription like amazon or netflix, where such viewing habits are actually encouraged.

Not the best show ever, but I did get some enjoyment out of it. Once I have finished off what I have queued, I will be disappointed.

Figures Killjoys got renewed, I never got into that show.

That whole cliffhanger ending (which didn’t need to be*) is still a trigger for me. I loved Farscape, much more than Dark Matter.

*They literally could have cut ~15-30 seconds off the finale to end on a high note. Unlike Dark Matter, Farscape knew it was cancelled before the series finale aired, and there were, at the time of airing, no concrete plans to resolve the cliffhanger with a 2-part miniseries later.

I am very seriously thinking of not watching another SyFy show, I’ve been burned so much.
Dark Matter
Defiance (although it didn’t end in a cliffhanger-- it didn’t have to end)
Warehouse 13 (Why? Didn’t this show get ratings?)

Still, if I give up completely I’d miss out on the shows that I enjoyed like Eureka and the StarGate shows. It does make me resent all the reality shows. Reality; isn’t that the opposite of Science Fiction?

I think your expectations may be too high. Haven had five seasons, Farscape four (and wasn’t SyFy produced, anyway), Warehouse 13 had five seasons. All of those are decent runs for a TV series. Dark Matter and Defiance had three, also not bad. Lots of shows on other channels do a lot worse.

Yeahbut I don’t care about any of those other shows. I don’t watch a lot of episodic TV. Game of Thrones and Big Bang Theory are the only shows I must watch on real time TV. Everything else I get on demand or by internet. I don’t see taking the time to watch a show that has a high chance of leaving me hanging.

Eureka ended nicely as did the original StarGate. And another sci-fi show I watched on, I think, USA network with Noah Wylie which I cannot remember the name of right now. But in my experience, SyFy has fallen into a habit killing shows that I like with very little warning. Perhaps they should think of doing TV shows like they do on British TV-- with a planned ending.