SyFy's "Alice", (open spoilers)

The [del]SciFi[/del] SyFy Channel’s “reimagining” of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass starts tonight at 9pm. It’s being produced by the same company that did Tin Man, which I liked. The previews for this look pretty cool. It has Kathy Bates, Caterina Scorsone, Tim Curry, and Alessandro Juliani.

Because I’m a sucker, I’ll watch it despite Tin Man being the most boring scifi mini-series ever. I just won’t watch it until after Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. It’s on again at 11, if anyone was wondering whether or not to watch it.

So far, I’m distressed by the lack of a Cheshire Cat…

I’m sure one’ll come up, eventually, but he should be there already…

Already up ten points over Tinman because they’re not calling it “The W.L.” or “W-Land” or some dumb crap like that.

So far so good. Although I must admit that the sets & costumes are overshadowing the story a bit.

I don’t like it much so far. Typical SyFy with the Jabberwocky.

Nonetheless, Tim Curry, Colm Meany, Matt Frewer and Kathy Bates get to eat their usual scenery.

The guy playing the Mad Hatter was very good, though. I expect to see more of him.

I like him too. He was in Primeval, a pretty fun show about monsters running around London that I think the SciFi channel shows reruns of sometimes.

As to the show Alice, so far I’m enjoying it. Nothing terribly original, but it has some actors I like, and some cool sets and costumes, and it’s keeping my interest. Unlike Tin Man, where I wavered between being bored and laughing at the ridiculousness.

Nitpick: It is Syfi, not SyFi. The latter still implies it is two words, which they are trying to get away from, so that it doesn’t imply the content is science fiction.

On the OP: I haven’t seen it yet. If it’s online, I may get around to it, if one of you can sell me on it.

Major AIW fan here.

I like it. I was happy to see the White Knight show up; he’s rarely in movie adaptations of Through The Looking Glass. I enjoy the Hatter too–cool character. Alice isn’t whiny and stupid, and actually kicks some ass, so that’s refreshing (and in keeping with the character.)

I rather wish they’d adhered to stronger symbolism in the film. I don’t mind reinterpreting the plot but I would have liked to see more obvious references. I presume the large body of water that Alice fell into is supposed to be like the Pool of Tears, and that the stock market was supposed to be like the Caucus, but beyond that the film strays quite far away from the original storyline. I’m not sure how the original Alice would feel about traipsing around Wonderland for the sake of a boy, either. Alice does seem incredibly naive for a grown-up–I’m particularly surprised that she bought Jack Heart’s lame ‘‘I don’t care at all for you’’ schtick.

I LOVED the Jabberwocky… though he was so cute I found myself quite torn about his demise. When he first ran on screen, I shouted, ‘‘Quick! Find the vorpal sword!’’ But then he was all bug-eyed and adorable and I was forced to rescind my battle cry. They recreated him just as in John Tenniel’s illustration, too. Perfection.

Speaking of Jack Heart…anyone who didn’t see that coming, raise your hand.

doesn’t expect to see many hands

If you’re going to nitpick, nitpick right.

I thought the screenwriters used too large a helping of shoehorn, but otherwise it was decent.

Actually, it’s Syfy. Episode 1 will be re-run tonight, followed by multiple showings of Episode 2. Sunday, both will be re-run. After a re-run of Tin Man!

I found Tin Man not bad for a Syfy Original Movie. Which isn’t really saying much. I only saw the first half of Alice last night, but consider it better than Tin Man, so far.

I’m willing to give extra points for good art direction–even though it reminds me that I really need to upgrade my TV. And there are some fine old pros in the cast. (Perhaps it’s good I don’t have a fancy HD TV; all those tooth marks on the scenery would be visible.) Plus the Mad Hatter is a cutie…

I enjoyed part one and I’ll be tuning in at 9 tonight for part 2.

Courtesy of an extremely grumpy baby, I caught part 1 last night and am very much looking forward to part 2.

are they going to repeat part 1 before part 2 tonight?

I enjoyed it until the Jabberwocky scene - it looked like a reject from The Lord of the Rings. But then the White Knight came and made it all awesome again. He reminded me of Labrynth’s Sir Didymus. Looking forward to Part 2.


I wasn’t impressed overall, so far, I rate it a “meh”, it was nice seeing Colm Meany and Matt Frewer though, one question I do have is of the identity of the actress who played the woman in the casino that was beginning to regain her memories, was that Sandra Dickinson? (Tricia MacMillan from the original BBC Hitchhikers Guide teleseries) her voice sounded very familiar

Totally unwatchable for me. Just took Part 2 off my DVR recording schedule. Very disappointing.

What’s next? A “revisioning” of Humpty-Dumpty? Maybe RD Moore can do that one.