Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Only part way through the first episode but it looks, well, wonderful. :smiley:

edit: Does that doctor remind anyone else of Uncle Fester?

And Alice’s companion looks to be one of the werewolves from Being Human UK

It fell flat for me - wasn’t fun, and some of the scenery just looked too cartoony (thinking mainly at the end).

This, to me, is not a story that needs its own ‘series’ - a mini-series spin-off maybe, but a full season of 22 episodes? Seems it could get old quick.

Obviously, we’ll likely watch a few more -I’m still watching revolution and cussing - this is better than that.

Sucked balls. The most interesting bit was the part when Alice’s dad said she had been “missing a long time”. It i) had shades of Madeline McCann and ii) was far more interesting premise story wise than anything else on display.

Naveen Andrews deserves better.

I figured if I started a thread for the show everyone would hate it so . . . it seems my work here is done. :smiley:

Not me. I liked it quite a lot. It’s not Breaking Bad, obviously, but it was more or less exactly what I was expecting - on par with a good first season episode of its parent show and much more interesting and entertaining than the muddled mess the parent show has become. There are some awkward weak points: the CGI and special effects are terrible, even by OUAT standards, and the actor playing the Red Queen is (at least so far) a boring copy of Regina, but without Lana Parilla’s acting ability. Oh, and I hated turning the Cheshire Cat, a fun creature full of dramatic possibility, into a run-of-the-mill monster that had to be vanquished.

But all of the “real world” stuff was fun, Alice herself is compelling (and really attractive, which helps), and I like the overall direction of the story.

I do wonder if they’re going to have a problem with their love story. The actor playing the Knave of Hearts is much more interesting (again, so far) than the bland generic playing the actual love interest, and the Knave is likely to have more scenes with Alice and a much more developed relationship. A significant portion of the audience will root for the two of them to be together, unless they kill him off or make him evil.

Still, it was as good as I’d hoped (albeit not better), and I’ll definitely keep watching.

What are they doing about the Queen of Hearts, who was Regina’s mother? Is the Red Queen a different character, someone taking the role, or what?

We asked the same question - we’re assuming this is a different timeline - prior to Regina’s mom taking over.

The Queen of Hearts and the Red Queen are two different characters, at least in the standard Carroll version of Alice’s world.

I did not know that -

Yes, he was. Thankfully it seems he’s worked on his thick accent a bit because I had a hard time understanding him in Being Human but he was a lot easier to understand in this. I think they tamed his eyebrows, too.

I agree the Red Queen was a bore but it was nice to see Sayid … I mean Naveen. I also did not like the monsterfying of the Cheshire Cat. I would like to see him keep popping up but not if he just tries to eat Alice every time. The other thing I didn’t like is that everything was so dark, I was trying to adjust the brightness on my TV but it didn’t seem to help.

I’m probably the only person who was using a projection tv until recently, but I had that problem when the bulb was reaching the end of its lifespan. You don’t really notice until it gets really bad and since the bulbs can last well over 5k hours, unless you watch an awful lot of tv, it really sneaks up on you.

Wow. I spent the entire hour going, “Who the hell is supposed to be the audience for this?”

Can anyone buy this Alice as a girl from Victorian England?

It has to be after, doesn’t it? I mean what with that guy being in Storybrook in the beginning, almost getting run over by Emma’s VW. Also, The Mad Hatter not being in Wonderland cuz he’s in Storybrook.

This is exactly how I saw it.

the beginning of this episode is in ‘our timeline’ with the arrival of Emma in Storybrooke - and I believe that was Cinderalla (sans baby bump) locking up the diner.

Apparently - when the rabbit took knave (helluva name) into that wormhole - they went ‘back’ to alice in a slightly different time (victorian england? 1800s ?) - and then of course they then went to ‘wonderland’ who’s time operates entirely differently - so its somewhere between the two.

I take the timing in Wonderland to be before Regina’s Mom becoming the Queen of Hearts - which makes no sense as to the Mad Hatter’s not being there and his being in “StoryBrooke”.

In other words - I don’t think the writers are really thinking that part thru - and its only going to make my head spin if I try to - the other possibiliyt of course is that the ‘time’ in Wonderland is post ‘Queen of Hearts’ - but that makes no sense to me either (since he is the ‘Knave of Hearts’ - he would have no reason to fear the Queen of Hearts if she were gone)

Anyone else notice that when they were trying to escape the city - they pushed on the big doors and said “we can’t escape” - yet the bar for the doors is what they pushed on? all they had to do was lift it…

I’m a regular watcher of OUAT, but I didn’t care for this at all. I’ll give it one more chance, but if it doesn’t significantly improve I’m out.

I haven’t seen the program, but every time I see the title I think James Woods and Robert DeNiro should be involved.

Heh… Wonderland has a sarlacc…

Haven’t seen the last ep, but from the first 2, it’s far better than anything OUAT has done in the last 2 seasons. The actress that plays Alice is better than anyone other than Carlyle as well.

Show seems to be on indefinite hiatus.

Rumors of the shows outright cancellation have been disavowedby Adam Horowitz.