Sympathy for the Wicked

I am sick. I am so fucking sick I don’t know how I’m even posting this. I had to get out of bed for a while…been in there all day. Mr Blue was home today, and I thought he would take care of me, but no. He had to go see if Godzilla 2000 was in at Circuit City. Nice.
I thought I had a hangover this morning…I did drink a bottle of wine last night, but this is unlike any hangover I’ve ever had. More like a stomach virus. A virus that has caused my insides to turn into water and try to leave at the nearest exit. I have a headache. I have no sick days left. I didn’t even have a sick day today, but too bad…another day without pay won’t kill me.
I wish I had someone to take care of me. My husband was kind enough to put water in the tea pot for me, but he was going to walk out the door before it boiled. I had to ask him to wait and to please make me a Cup O’ Soup.
When he’s sick, I take care of him…I don’t think I’m asking for so much right now.
I think I have a fever.


Look on the bright side: Mr. Blue is a guy. If he actually didtry to take care of you, he’d probably f- it up.

FWIW, I hope you feel better.

I’m so sorry you are feeling crummy, Wicked Blue.

Since I am too far from you to make your tea, I will have to settle for sending healing thoughts.


Wow sucks to be you.
I hope you get to feeling better Rose. I shall miss our weekly chat.

P.S. and Blessed is right, Mr Blue would probably screw it up.

Good luck Rose…Feel better soon! That’s all I can say. It blows to be sick.

Sorry Rose, I hope you feel better soon. BTW, I really like your new name!

Thank you for the good thoughts Osip, Demo, Scotti, Zoggie and blessedwolf. :slight_smile:
I am feeling a little better now. I still have a temp of 101, but I napped for a while, and I’m not so achy.
I’m glad I can come to the SD and get some sympathy…I am getting none here in IRL.
When the husband got home before, he brought pizza. I was hungry, and while pizza probably wasn’t the best thing I should eat, I didn’t care because I was hungry. I noticed the pizza smelled funny, and thought maybe it was because I was sick. He opened the box, and I saw it had fucking bacon all over it. I could not believe it. He knows I hate bacon pizza. He knows I am sick. What the hell was he thinking? He said that since I was sick, he figured I wasn’t going to want pizza, so he got it the way he liked it. I started crying…how fucking selfish can someone be? I asked him what I should eat, and he just gave me a dumb look. He made me some white rice in chicken broth, and I sent him to the store for some OJ.
He just left to go play D&D…
In sickness and in health, my ass.
I can’t wait until he’s sick next time.

Um, Rose, have you met Scylla?