Syndicate free on Origin

I know there was a thread that was supposed to gather all the “free games” posts in one place but I forgot what it was and a search for “free” was not helpful.


Origin is giving away the game Syndicate (1993) for free.

Yeah, 22 years old so very long in the tooth but I still remember this game and at the time I loved this game. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet to see if it has held up but hey…free. Hard to go wrong.

Best part of these old games is they will run on pretty much any PC today no problem. Trying to game on a 10 year old laptop? This will work.

Woops, didn’t realize this thread was a week old, but that’s the thread for free stuff for future reference. I figure it’ll be a lot easier to track if everyone subscribes to one thread and may not see new threads in the short windows when games are usually free.