Syria deploys troops to put down protesters

Things heat up in Syria. Some people, and some peoples, just do not understand the concept of “Wait your turn.” :mad: The Libyans had the consideration to start their revolution after the Egyptian one was finished.

I don’t think this unrest is going to escalate to Libya-level or to Egypt-level or even to Bahrain-level, just because Assad has a better army than Gaddafi had and a better grip on it than Mubarak had, but I welcome contrary arguments.

Well, now we know the reason they were one of only 2 Arab League countries that didn’t support the NFZ over Libya.

The other being Algeria, which has its own problems in similar regard. But, apparently, Yemen and Bahrain and Oman, also having unrest, supported it; not sure why.

The situation seems serious in Syria, whether serendipitously or sorrowfully.

Syria has other components, to consider. First of all Syria has a powerful influence in Lebanon still.

You destabilize Syria and Lebanon is effected. This is gonna make Israel nervous and you have the potential for a mess. Syria and Jordan have never been best of buddies either. Syria and Turkey have border disputes.

Now this doesn’t mean that I consider the government of Syria a good thing, but it’s one thing to consider and add into the debate.

It seems to me that the more destabilized Syria is, the less able to mess up in Lebanon it will be.

20 more protesters killed in Daraa.

Nobody’s even demanding Assad or the Ba’ath Party go, they just want reforms – less corruption, more transparency. The government has promised to “study” legalizing political parties, and lifting the emergency rule that has been in place since 1963.

I just saw on TV a video of protesters putting down a statue of Assad (the dad, not the current one).

Those people get guts. I barely dare to hope this revolution too will suceed.

So, when do we start bombing Syria?

That won’t happen.

The U.S. attacks Syria, Syria attacks Israel, Israel couter-attacks, and then you’ve got a full-scale war. *Nobody *wants that.

Even though you’re most certainly better informed than me about the local situation, I don’t really see how attacking Israel would make much sense in case of American bombings (I’m assuming here you’re refering to a ground attack, not to missiles).

Anyway, I must admit that an American attack (necessarily not backed by the UN this time) would result in total destabilization of the region with who knows what results.
Well…academic, anyway :frowning: There’s no way it’s going to happen.

That’s when not being an atheist would come in handy. At least, one could pray for the rioters or something.

Syrian government says emergency law will be lifted (but gives no timetable). It has been in place since 1963.

Well, it’s not like they haven’t established a precedent.

Not only did they obliterate much of Hama, but afterward, they actually wanted other Syrians to go there and witness the price of rebellion.

Attacking Israel instantly turns the Assad regime into the defenders of the homeland, and the protesters into Zionist fellow travelers. It also wins Syria support from throughout the Muslim world, including perhaps a division or two of Iranian troops to “help them out”. Of course, it’ll also mean they’ll get their asses kicked, but if they’re already being bombed by NATO, what do they have to lose?

Anyway, I *was *referring to missiles - but just because it starts with missiles, doesn’t mean it’ll end with them. If Tel Aviv comes under fire, Israel won’t hesitate to send in the ground troops.

Of course, maybe I’m just being pessimistic (it’s our national pastime). Still, I’d be very wary of outside intervention in Syria.

Syrian Cabinet resigns. (Assad remains.)

Assad blames the unrest on “conspirators” but, so far as I can see, does not further identify or characterize these conspirators or their agenda. :confused:

CNN reports the Syrian government forces have killed at least 24 protesters, probably more, in Homs. And the protest there ain’t stoppin’.

Fifty more killed today (Good Friday). It seems that Assad is done with token gestures and wants all of this “nonsense” to stop.

And Syria is still deploying troops to put down protesters. Saw a clip on Anderson Cooper tonight, where some guys had to take cover from police gunfire and brave it to try to retrieve their friend who was lying shot in the street, but alive. While the police kept shooting at them.

Cooper explained this is because it is now government/police/military policy not to allow the bodies of anyone shot down in the protests to be retrieved, alive or dead, because the funerals of persons killed in protests keep turning into fresh protests.