Syria deploys troops to put down protesters

Because places like Syria and Iran hold Israel over our heads. If we do something they don’t like, then their missiles aim that-a-way.

I don’t see Syria crashing just yet. I see a serious of heavy handed actions by the government (I can’t believe this is still happening, actually). A destabilized Syria will be in a lot of trouble. :confused: Look how well Egyptians are loving (or not) their newfound freedoms! :o

Ah, we need the hobo smiley for this:

Isn’t that against Muslim law? :eek:

I dunno. Can Muslims have a funeral without a body? It would be unthinkable in some cultures, I believe, notably China. I recall a story about a Chinese fisherman who retrieved a drowned man’s body from the river and offered to return it to his family, but for a sti- erm, high price. The family went to a notable lawyer and asked his advice. He said, “Wait. No one else will pay for the body.” They did, and the fisherman grew anxious and went to the same lawyer (apparently Chinese lawyers had no ethical rule against counseling opposing parties in the same matter). He told the fisherman, “Wait. Nowhere else can they obtain the body.”

And more . . .

Got that? There are now refugees fleeing Syria and seeking safety in Lebanon. How desperate do you have to be to seek safety in Lebanon?! :eek:

That’s what I was thinking! Damn. So what will this do for Hezbollah?

Still more footage on CNN of soldiers shooting at protesters, hitting some. Still they keep protesting. This is going to get uglier.

FWIW, Wikipedia is now classifying this as the “2011 Syrian Uprising.” Ominous word.

Well, it’s been awhile and so far, Obama has done nothing but stick out his tongue at Assad.

Wiki sucks.

What did you expect?!

That’s exactly what I expected.

It doesn’t look like the Middle East cares about his opinions, anyway. Egypt, Behrain, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Gaza, West Bank, and…does Jordan have an opinion? They are probably enjoying this.

Obama is making the mistake of his predecessor: Extreme arrogance.

:confused: Seems to me you’re charging him with the opposite mistake.

No - Bush did the same thing. Stuck his tongue out, if you’re not with us you’re against us, don’t be a jerk, hey look,* Victory*! etc.

He was arrogant in military force, yes. But Obama’s foreign policy hasn’t changed much from the Bush Doctrine - with the exception of this Israel gaffe as of late.

But, Obama is not invading Syria, or Libya, or Iran, or anywhere else it just might arguably do some good but also might turn into an Iraq-scale fiasco. (Not even Israel. ;)) Doesn’t seem likely to, either. That makes him less arrogant than W.

None of those places could possibly do us any good. Arguably or not.

edit: Who invades a country with nukes, anyway?

More protesters shot dead. The G8 is “appalled.” BFD, but that’s the same G8 where Russia just did an about-face and agreed to help Gaddafi go. Wonder if there’s a pattern emerging here?

It would arguably be good, not for Americans, but for the people of Syria, Libya, Iran, etc. That was part of the thinking behind the Iraq War. Purportedly.

Iran has the bomb, but they can only deliver it by humvee.

It would not be good because:
[li]Democracy happens within.[/li]
[li]We couldn’t complete the mission.[/li][/ol]

If they rose up and wanted to overthrow their government and we funded them or gave limited support (like the French did with the colonists) that’s one thing. But you’re talking about groups of people fighting against government that has direct control over their geographical whereabouts. It’s an ideological war and the underdog has few weapons. This stuff takes years, if not decades, to achieve.

Egypt’s ‘revolution’ made Egypt worse. You can’t spread democracy (right, Gaza? Egypt? mmm?), you can’t force democracy.

You can only demand it, but demand it of your own government only.

I was not suggesting it would be. That’s why the comparison with Iraq is apt. The point is that Obama has arguably-good reasons for invading these countries but refrains – that makes him less arrogant than W, at least in the foreign-policy realm.

Wel–wait, WHAT?!

What country has not used troops to put down demonstrations?

The fact that you can’t seem to comprehend his statement does not say good things about your ability to investigate the situation. One massive, huge problem in the Middle East is that the choice is often between corrupt, brutal autocrats and semi-honest, brutal theocrats. The major opposition in Egupt is the Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t think you have to guess too hard to figure out their platform.