T.A.P.S. Has Been on TV for 6 Years-So?

-how many ghosts have been detected?
-how many real haunted houses have been found?
-how many evil spirits have been exorcised?
Just wondering…ho does tthis outfit take itself seriously?
Of course, they are well paid.

Have you ever watched it?

They’re skeptics and usually prove that places are not haunted. Sometimes they can’t find evidence of faulty wiring or anything else that could cause what makes people think a place is haunted. They usually just tell the homeowner it needs further investigation.

Ghost Hunters International is completely different. I don’t think any of them are skeptics. But then most of the places they feature make money off of their haunted reputation.

Paranormal State, is where you find the evil spirit destroyers. Or some very easily influenced kids with access to some great drugs.

And, at least at the beginning, the Ghosthunter crew worked for Roto-rooter and did the TAPS stuff on their off time, on their own dime.


They don’t use that term. Their raison d’etre is to debunk or document scientifically happenings that don’t have an obvious explanation. And they are generally reluctant to apply a label to what they find.

Up to the viewer, I suppose, but some really weird shit has happened on occasion.

They don’t do that.

They are just some guys doing some stuff that interests them. Do you take yourself seriously in whatever job or hobby you have?

Do you have some inside information on what they are paid? And by whom? I suspect that (presumably union) plumbers in the Northeast do very well, without any outside source of income.

Is this actually meaningfully true? I ask that honestly, I’ve never seen the show. I just know that almost everyone involved in the paranormal claim they’re skeptics because they think it gives them some sort of credibility. “Oh right, most of this stuff is bunk, but my particular pet theory/observation is the real deal!”.

Why not watch them and form your own opinion?

Actually they do tend to spend more time trying to figure out if it is electrical/plumbing/structural problems, many sightings tend to seem to be too much electromagnetic energy [which as they are very good at pointing out can affect the human brain and nervous system, making people have feelings of dread, audio and visual hallucinations and so forth] and some are just people being twitchy at the common noises of an old building shifting around. They point out that in most pictures, the orbs and such may be light artifacts of a car driving past, or floating dust and fibers, or even insects.

They were ripping pissed off one episode at a restaraunt in California somewhere that the owner of had rigged up equipment to make some lighting fixtures swing, and some other stuff [though a face in a mirror effect was seriously cheesy and blatantly obvious] like IIRC speakers and other stuff. Big waste of their time, and as they saw it a balatant use of TAPS for free advertising.

I don’t find the concept interesting.

If they are actually skeptical, the results are pretty much always going to be “Hey, we heard there were ghosts here. Are there? Nope. Ok then, catch us next week”. Or they’ll be fake skeptics and say “yep, nothing is going on here, except… WAIT! DID YOU HEAR THAT? SOMETHING WEIRD IS GOING ON HERE!” repeat 50x.

I was just curious if there was an actual show with a skeptical bent that was treating these issues. I find it more likely that there’s the faked skepticism to attempt to gain credibility that I described in my post. But I may be wrong, so I asked.

Thought it was a neat concept, but alas there’s no such thing as ghosts so watching is a waste of time IMO.

I’ve watched exactly one episode of this show, only because the place they were investigating – an old prison now used as a museum – is one I walk past every day.

I threw my hands up when they were looking at thermal imaging of “a white ball” that crossed the camera path down a hallway. It was so stupifyingly clear that someone just walked across the frame, but for some reason they chose to only see the person’s head.

And this might be nitpicking, but at the end they showed two of the guys discussing the case as they “drove out of town”. Trouble is, cursory knowledge of the town shows that they must’ve spent hours trying to film a simple conversation. They were talking, but my wife and I were watching the scenery they were driving past.

“Hey, look, there’s Cam’s ice cream shop!”
“Wait…now they’re by Sacred Heart…that’s the other direction.”
“Waitasec! Mill Race?! They said they were going to the Turnpike…what the hell are they doing down by Mill Race? Are they that lost?”

Repeat for a good two minutes. I know it was just the way they edited it, but geez, it wasn’t that in-depth of a conversation that it needed that much work…

I hope this is not too much of a highjack:

They seem to like to record audio anamolies. There’s a term for it. It’s a noise that the recording person didn’t hear at the time it was made, but shows up on later reexamination of the tapes, either with a human ear, or digitally.

Typically, they seem to be represented as a faint whisper by an unknown source, just above background noise level. (Barely so, in some cases.) Most of the time, it’s difficult to make out, and usually in English (although they did get one foriegn language entry).

Is there any reason why I should give much weight to this type of evidence?

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP).

I watch this show by osmosis, because my wife loves it. She even bought a bobblehead doll of one of the guys.

I’d say that, in most cases, they find perfectly mundane explanations for what goes on at the locations (or, don’t find anything at all), and they make no bones about telling that to the people who bring them in.

They do find freaky stuff on occasion (maybe once every 4 or 5 episodes; most episodes have them going to two different locations) and, yeah, it seems like most of the freaky stuff is EVP. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them say, “this is proof you have a ghost”, but they do say, “we can’t come up with an explanation for this.”

I like watching the show to see grown men freak out and scream like little girls. I like that they come at it from the skeptics angle.

At least it’s not Paranormal State where EVERYTHING is a ghost and they’re sooooo convinced of that fact and bring in “psychics”. Sorry, but just someone saying they haven’t been prompted or told anything about the situation just doesn’t cut it. How stupid do they think people are?

I used to watch Paranormal State because there was nothing better on (basic cable, what can you do?) and I wasn’t going to watch Ghost Hunters because of that show; but one Wednesday night in the spring, there was nothing on and I left the TV on SyFy (SciFi at the time) for background noise and happened to catch an episode. I found it entertaining enough to continue to watch. In fact, I’ll be watching it tonight.

I think there have been a handful of times they’ve used the haunted label. I believe once was in that armory where the audio guy seemingly got shoryukened by something.

They aren’t completely scientific, or rather they have been known to use pseudo-science of occasion. For example, EMF hypersensitivity isn’t well documented or even well accepted as a real phenomenon as far as I understand it. But they certainly try a hell of a lot more than other teams. I recently watched an episode of Ghost Lab on, I think History. Ugh that was… painful beyond reason.

It may have season decayed though, I haven’t watched in a year or so so I’m not sure. It was in between seasons so I had to watch Ghost Hunters international because they weren’t really showing any of the regular episodes and it gave me a headache from the wallbanging. Though I suppose it’s better than Paranormal State which I got through exactly 15 minutes of…

I wonder why it is that they think running around with shit like infrared cameras and electricity detecting devices and stuff is a good idea. I mean - the argument I hear from people who believe in the paranormal is that it’s beyond our ability to empirically prove and measure, so then what’s the deal with running around with all the gadgets?

Of course the real reason is that they like to seem somehow scientific when they’re really just playing with cool toys. Do they offer an explanation as to why the equipment they use would detect a ghost?

[Bolding mine] What?


Well, with the EMF readers, there is apparently a correlation between high EMF readings and the body reacting to the fields in various ways [headaches, nausea, feelings of panic and such] that could be mistaken for a haunting. Combine a feeling of dread with the typical noises of a house settling = ghost. You can debunk that ghost if you have the emf reading, and they find lose pipes in the basement rubbing the beams and making noises.

I would say that it has. I also watch it “by osmosis.” Early on I considered them essentially harmless - there was a modicum of the scientific method being applied, and the number of things that they debunked was relatively high.

Lately they seem to be much more liberal with the things that they “can’t explain,” and too willing to assert that there really are such things as malevolent spirits, poltergeists, and the like. There have been a few occasions when a self-described medium has accompanied them, and they seem perfectly willing to lend credence to the idea of such “abilities” with no verification.

And there was that unknown person messing with their equipment in the Queen Mary.