TAPS-Thanksgiving Day Marathon

Man, I found myself watching this because there was nothing else on. Once gaian, I’m underwhelmed-like, in all of these “investigations”-they never see anything? The last one I watched was an inn, adjacent to a chapel-supposedly haunted byth e ghost of a monk or priest. The innstaff was enthusiastic-they had seen and heard all kinds of stuff (ibcluding the ghost lying on a living room couch). Well, needless to say, TAPS dissappointed agan-all kinds of cameras dtrung up, infrad scanners at the ready, and audio recodings-nothing.
For those of you who know-have they ever come up with anything interesting?
How long can you run this scam? :o

On the season finale, Jason said that 80% of the time, they can explain the things that people report (banging plumbing, car headlights being reflected, etc.). But they have found some things. Bear in mind that I am talking about EVP’s, anomolous EMF’s, the occasional strange image on video. They are very reluctant to say they found a ghost.

On one occasion, a chair moved when no one was in the room. On another, the sound man on the production team was struck in the face by his equipment bag. When they went out to Hollywood, they had some amazing stuff on an EMF meter (blip it once for yes, twice for no).

I guess it depends on your expectations.

I caught part of one when the TAPS guys were ranting about how other outfits charge money for just telling the owners what they want to hear.

I watched a couple of the episodes this last week, including clips from the TAPS guys’ favorite episodes, which included these ones. But I’m still not convinced any of it is real. The bag hitting the guy in the face (accompanied by the air getting really cold, which is what ghosts do when they want to materialize), the thing that materialized on film in the old insane asylum, the closet door opening and closing, etc. The problems I have are (a) these guys are plumbers, without (as far as I can tell) any actual education in science. My iPod isn’t magic just because I can’t explain how 250 CDs fit into a thing I can hold in the palm of my hand. And (b) most of what they see or hear can be faked.

In one (maybe the Halloween special?), they’re under the Shining hotel in Colorado crawling through dank spaces when they hear a little girl saying hello. The audience, of course, is meant to be freaked out by that. Only problem is, if the audience has ever had a cat, it’s pretty clear that the “hello” is just a cat yowl. But no, lots of hauntings.

It’s an entertaining show but only if you don’t take it seriously.

Which is why they always attempt to find ways to explain what they see and recreate what others have reported. Part of the rant I caught last night had to do with one owner who tried to put one over on them by planting speakers everywhere.

Right, like the lady who kept seeing strange lights and hearing voices in her bedroom. They figured out the lights were car headlights coming down the street and the voices were from other people in the house, echoing through the vents.

But even the stuff where they purportedly see or hear something can be faked. That’s my issue. Plus, they don’t really have an understanding of physical phenomena such that if they say things like “ghosts like to make things cold” or “ghosts like to talk on audiotape but not so as we can hear them” I believe them.

They are always waving around those EMF detectors-and excitedly blabbing on about how ghosts “need to extract energy to materialize”…so why don’t ANY of them materialize? Anybody venture a guess about how long this show will be on?

The fourth season was greenlit by SciFi last spring.

And there are plans for a Ghosthunters International where some people traipse around Europe doing the same thing.

Does anyone have any experience with those EMF detectors? Earth’s magnetic field would be pretty steady, I would think. Electrical transformers (do they create an EMF field?) I would think would also be pretty steady. Why would the EMF vary at any particular place in a house?

Faulty wiring, electronic equipment, power surges - I’m no expert but I believe any of these things, plus probably 50 other things, can cause an EMF detector to go “whing!” On one episode they described what they called a “fear cage”, which is a space so wrapped around by wonky wiring that any unfortunate person sitting there will eventually start to feel creeped out and frightened, just because of the excessive electromagnetic energy hitting them (I saw this theory outlined on some show on, I think, the Discovery channel a few years ago, but my google-fu is weak).

I enjoy the show because I like the people on it - they seem like nice regular guys who just happen to enjoy running around pitch-dark buildings in the middle of the night. Unfortunately I don’t have cable at the moment so I’m going to be missing it for the foreseeable future, which really pisses me off because it’s the first show in years I enjoy enough to want to catch every episode.

I’ve seen some spooky stuff, but that’s all it is; spooky stuff on a tv show. I’ll believe in ghosts when one dances up to me in broad daylight carrying his head under his arm and cackling, “Boo! I’m a ghost! Boo! I’m dead! Boo!” And even then I’d probably blame an undigested bit of beef or a blot of mustard.