T.V Cameras, ugly people and nudity...Thanks Jerry!!!

I work at a t.v. station in the morning, and we have our four competitors’ stations running at all time, so in some sense, I’m pretty much forced to watch Jerry Springer every morning. What I want to know is WHY DOES EVERY UGLY PERSON FEEL THE NEED TO TAKE OFF THEIR CLOTHES AND PRANCE AROUND?!?!?!. What is it about people that when you say “You’re on Trashy T.V.” they suddenly just want to throw thier clothes off and runaround? It’s the same with those “Girls Gone Wild” videos. What causes people to make the association Camera=my tits/flabby ass/diminutive penis/four hundred pounds of excess fat!?!?

If you were to go on Jerry Springer, is that how’d you handle your problems? And do you know anyone in real life that handles thier problems this way? I’m thinking the next time I go to the BBQ Pitt, I’m settling my differences by taking my pants off and rubbing my cock on the computer. That should show them who’s boss.

I’m not exactly sure what to make of your rant.

If you’re saying Jerry Springer’s show is the most worthless excuse for entertainment since gimp shows, then I agree.

I think you kind of have to – nature of the beast. If you went on Jerry Springer and expected to engage someone in rational debate, then I’d say you were more misguided than Helen Keller with a seeing eye ferret.

I can’t add more to Jack’s comment. That whole Springer show turns me off. :mad:

Heh, the most intelligent Springer guest I ever saw was a guy who showed up in a giant wig, fake beard, and dark sunglasses.

His comment was “I know your show, man.”:smiley:

Whoah! I for one feel the need to step up and defend these attractive, drunken, vapid, barely legal ladies of the Girls Gone Wild videos. That’s a whole other situation from the Jerry Springer guests (yuck!).

MMMMMMMMM… attractive, drunken, vapid, barely legal ladies… :smiley:

The most accurate assessment of the Jerry Springer show that I’ve ever heard was:

(source unknown)

Well, now that i don’t work at the grocery store anymore, where else will i see the ugly people beat each other up???

Ok, up front, I abhor the show, but my SO likes to watch it, so sometimes I sort of half-listen to it. The OP is right–it’s incredible how many of Jerry’s “guests” (I think of them as contestants LOL!) somehow end up taking off all their clothing! And practically everyone associated with the show, including the audience, are rude, crude and downright mean. :frowning: I will admit to “gaping” a few times at what is on the screen, though.

Once, an older woman (I’m guessing at least 60) was on and she ended up taking off her top, revealing tatoos that covered her chest and both arms. I’m still reeling over that … anyone contemplating extensive tatoo work should consider what it will look like as they age and the skin begins to sag. That’s all I will say.

I feel for the OP though, being “forced” to view Jerry Springer and his nekkid contest… er… guests. :slight_smile: