T-X vs Borg Queen

TX seems to have speed, strength, and resilience.
BQ has the accumulated technical knowledge of countless races over countles years.

Which would win?

Bq would get the rest of the borg’s collective ass over there to kick Tx’s solitary ass.

Oh, come on. Everyone knows that the Borg are utterly defenseless against physical weapons such as bullets, knives, and even fists. All the T-X has to do is shoot the Borg Queen with a couple of 12-gauge slugs and that’s all she wrote. Even if there are no guns available, consider how Terminators normally fight. They drive gigantic vehicles and plow over everything in their path. They smash their opponents on the head with large, heavy objects. The Borg just creak along like extras from Night of the Living Dead and try to assimilate people. Hell, they don’t even try to shoot anyone! Bottom line: Termination beats assimilation.

Mmmm… collective ass… drool

Data screwed the Borg Queen pretty good in ST: Final Contact, and a Terminator wouldn’t possess his sense of humanity or an emotion chip. Just target the Borg Queen for termination, and the Terminator would get it done – it can’t be stopped, reasoned with, and has no interest in “becoming human”.

Is the T-X prepared?
How about the Borg Queen?

… what?

IANA Trekie (anymore at least) but I imagine the Borg have a self-preservation instinct, and would attempt as a collective to overtake and then assimilate TX. Were the Borg queen removed from the collective and pitted against TX one-on-one, TX would whoop her lilly ass.

Well. what hapens in this fight…

Terminator shoots grenade at borg.

All borg become immune to grenades

lather, rinse, repeat.

The TX loses quickly. He’s pretty much immune to conventional 1990s-era projectile weapons, but as evidenced by his melting in the steel, a weapon that could generate a tremendous burst of heat will kill him.

Like, you know, a phaser. Which every Borg carries, right? He’s toast. A Star Trek phaser can make something a lot hotter than molten steel.

“We are the Borg. Lower your shiel-[kzlunk]”

Followed by much lesbian Terminatrix-on-Borg action.

TX…as in the Terminatrix, from Terminator 3. Not the T-10000 from T2.
wow, there’s way too many T’s in my post.

Um, not to nitpick your nitpick, but it was called the T-1000 in T2.

As for hebesphenomegacorona’s thoughts on the grenade, it’s already been established by ricksummon’s post that the Borg are only immune to energy beams. Physical attacks such as bullets do normal damage to them. A grenade is a normal, physical attack.

Damn, I am such a geek.

RickJay has a point, even if he doesn’t know which movie we’re talking about. The technology gap is just too wide.

Phasers and similar weapons would reduce ANY Terminator to a puddle of molten slag.
Containment fields will hold a Terminator helpless.
Nanoprobes will get inside a Terminator and mess with its inner workings.
Transporters will spread a Terminator’s atoms over a million cubic kilometers of space.

And, with the accumulated technical knowledge of countless races, who knows what sort of funky subspace/time-warp/polarity-reversing tricks the Borg can bring to bear?

The TX’s only real advantage would be the momumental stupidity the Borg have shown ever since Voyager premiered.

Phasers? When have we ever seen Borg carry phasers? (If it was in Voyager, pardon me. I never saw most of those…)

Hell, even holographic bullets killed them. Besides, it’s T-X versus Borg Queen, not the whole Collective. T-X all the way.

The big problem with all these “Vs.” threads is that the battlegrounds are never extablished. Are we talking “T-X is transported inside a Cube and has to travel to the interior to find the Borg Queen and eliminate her?” Or are we talking “Someone’s picked them up from their respective universes, dropped them off in a big wide area, and they have to fight?”

If it’s the latter case, I say the Borg Queen gets her ass blown to bits. Upon hearing that the only way to get out would be to kill the opponent, she’d immediately walk towards the T-X in hopes of beating the crap out of her. Upon hearing the same arrangements, the T-X would pull out her arm cannon, and blast the Queen. Queenie’s dead, T-X goes home.

Of course, the Queen’s not really beat, because apparently, she never really dies. The only way to really kill her would be to destroy the entire Borg collective. I don’t know how good the T-X’s abilities to control other cybernetic systems are, but the Borg are a Cybernetic system, so it could be interesting. Imagine, T-X takes over one cube, then another, and soon, you’ve got a new Borg Queen, and the two are vying for power in space with huge fleets of cyborg drones. Could be an interesting concept.

But yeah, physicall, knock down drag out fight…T-X has the advantage.

I have spastic fingers, forgive me.

Yeah, the Queen alone versus the TX would be no contest at all. On the other hand, if the TX gets all of her advantages in this fight (i.e. herself), then in all fairness we need to allow the Borg Queen her advantages as well. In other words, the entire Borg Collective.

Then it gets tricky. TX can still win if she avoids actual confrontation and focuses entirely on taking over as many Borg ships as she can. If she instead goes the normal Terminator route and walks towards an entire Borg army with an menacingly emotionless expression, shooting everything in sight, then she loses. She’ll kill a few Borg with her plasma cannon, but the rest will adapt within seconds and tear her to shreds.

If the collective assimilated TX then there’d be a problem, I think. Imagine a whole cube as one giant borg.

Actually, that’s the thing that’s bugged me ever since First Contact. Okay, it’s established that the Borg have no immunity to physical attacks. You’ve got a freaking replicator and the technology and knowledge is still there to make guns without one. Make a bunch of freaking guns already and take them down!