T9: Is this a bug or a feature?

The other day, while typing in a text message on my Samsung phone, I briefly switched from T9 mode to numerical mode to type in the number “86.” Ever since then, whenever I’m in T9 mode and want to enter the word “to” it comes up as “86.” Now, “to” is one of the most common words in English, and I use it about once per message on average, and it’s really annoying that T9 won’t recognize it anymore, just because I typed in the number 86 ONE TIME.

Is there anything I can do about this, or will I have to hit the 0 button every time I want to type in “to” for the remaining life of the phone?

On a related note, why the fuck does T9 come up with “amd” every time I try to type in “and”? Was T9 specifically designed to make it especially difficult to enter the most common words in the language?

You could try taking the battery out of the phone in an attempt to reset it. Don’t know if that will work or not though. I don’t know if T9 remembers which words you use most out of specific key function. Judging from the tone of the OP, probably not. You could try doing the same thing backwards. Go to regular Alphanumeric and type the work “to”. Then go back to T9 and see if it worked. Same thing for “amd”. Just shooting in the dark, so let us know if anything works.

Thanks for the ideas. I actually feel kind of dumb that I didn’t think of taking the battery out and putting it back in, but it didn’t work.

Well, there is a way to reset the phone from it’s debugging menu. I have no idea how to access it, but you can search online to find the key combination to bring it up. Be warned though, anything you do in that menu is dangerous. If you reset the phone, it should go back to stock programming, losing all your contact info and your phone number as well, so you’d have to have it reprogrammed.

Okay, I poked around online and found some information on that sort of thing, but of course I don’t want to erase everything on my phone, so I think I’ll just clench my butt cheeks together real tight and deal with it. The fact that Microsoft got rid of Clippy gives me hope that future generations of cell phones will be designed a little more rationally.

No help, but you’re not the only one with this problem. Somehow, my phone has gotten to writing “26” everytime I mean to type in “an.” It’s annoying as all hell.