Taekwondo lessons

We have reopened our Taekwondo school in a new location.

If you live on the west side of Houston, TX (think Westheimer and Beltway 8) and would like to train in Taekwondo, get back in shape and have a lot of fun, check out our website and give us a call.

I’m not in your area, but I know you did a lot of good for kids with your school. I’m glad you’ve re-opened. Congrats!

<Bowing while typing>

Thank you! It has been a long, hard process. Someday I’ll post the entire horror story in MPSIMS, but for now we are concentrating on finishing the mat placements, getting our signs up and getting some new students in the doors!

Too bad this is out my area.

Bumping that stupid Bosda thread from the forum index.

No offense, Cloth.

How’s business, Clothahump?

We are slowly starting to build up our membership. Perseverance is the key!!!

It will be interesting to see and hear what Sue Son will play next in the Semi-Finals of Britain’s Got Talent show. Perhaps ‘Classical Gas’ which, I think, will suit her style of playing on the electric violin.

08Would recommend NY Escort the 3M wrap NY Escorts course at William NY Asian Escort Smiths done by Andrew Gamble, also the Grafityp NY Asian Escorts course as already mentioned which from memory is done by James Deacon (could be wrong put 90% sure he does it). 207 East 37th Street Apt 4D, New York, NY 10016-3154
(646) 452-9377

I have a business trip to Houston this summer. I may have time to stop by and see your studio, but I would only be there one night. And all the martial arts I do are with sword or dagger.

We’re open Monday thru Thursday in the evenings and Saturday morning from 9 to noon. We’ll be closed 06/18 to 06/24 for World Championships.

Love to see ya!

Where are the World Championships being held this year?

At the Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, AR.

I never browse this forum, well, until today, but ATA? We will be making the drive from Atlanta Thursday (9 hours, ugh!) as my son will be competing with the 9-11 black belts as he tries to qualify for next year’s World Championship.

So how did your son do? Did he qualify?


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A bump.

World Championships will be held July 8 - 14 this year in Little Rock. I am going to be inducted as a Master at the ceremony on the 13th. Unfortunately, their efforts in the past at streaming the event live haven’t worked out well, so they will be posting downloadable video shortly afterwards.


Thank you!