Tailgaters and other stuff

  1. Tailgaters

  2. Vandals

  3. Pigeons

  4. Line cutters

  5. Bass lovers working up their cheap stereo equipment late at night so that the rest of the apartment building can fully appreciate their shitty taste in music

Knock yourselves out


Just so you know these have come up so often that we have numbered all the usual responses.

  1. 12, 34, 88

  2. 4, 6, 12

  3. 2,3, 90

  4. 34, 37, 76

  5. 23, 56

17, and also 85.

This contradicts your previous point.

You’re voting for 56, aren’t you?

No way, 56 is 81, 82. I’m voting for 69.

I never knew you were a 41.

I’m totally confused… but DO feel free to add (or am I to unearth ALL previous threads on the subject?)

What can I say? I felt bored at the time

Check your PMs.

Considering that for some Dopers (names witheld), ranting has become sort of a second nature, I am SHOCKED to see so little interest in a thread that would seem to comfort them in their natural penchant.

It made ME feel better, and I’m not the ranting type.:smiley:

Perhaps if this was moved to the Pit…


(Or maybe it’s just a case of PPF (Pet Peeve Fatigue) )

*@!& tailgaters

^%&* vandals

I like pigeons

%^&* line cutters

  1. Bass lovers, hey I like fish…what’s it to you?