Take my wallet, my phone, my keys, please!

So my husband has a habit of putting his keys, wallet, and cel phone right by the front door atop a small book case. I sort of have the habit; I’m not that great at it, partially because I get distracted easily and partially because I don’t care to have my keys and wallet so handily near the door for Mme. or Msr. Bughlur to walk off with. (Yes, we keep the front door locked, but still.)

We’ll be moving soon, and the idea is that I’d like the ‘new place’ to be more open; the kids (not old enough yet) will come and go as they please, friends and family drop in any time, etc. I’d like to have those things easily handy for him, but not as susceptable to taking.

He maintains that near the door is best; right now when we have scads of people over he moves them into his lavatory sink.

In the new house, the front door leads to a small front room (piano someday and books), past a bathroom, past the staircase, past the kitchen and dining rooms, through the den, to the master bedroom, where I’d prefer to keep these items.

Thoughts on how to compromise?

How about having him put them in a small drawer or box, so they’re at least out of sight? It would look less cluttered too.

Yeah, maybe a console table or something with a ‘locking’ drawer that could be locked on high traffic days. Then set the phone on top (as I’m looking at a land-line cel-line combo box) to charge/use.