It's time to go - do you know where your keys are?

My totally unscientific, unresearched, and unproven assertion is that the most-uttered phrase in any household is “Where are my keys??” OK, it may be rivaled by “Where is my phone?” but you can call your phone to help find it… but I digress.

Do your keys have a home? What is it? Do you make an effort to keep them there?

We have a key rack just inside the door from the garage. It has 4 hooks - one for my keys, one for the truck key, one for the spare to my car, and one for miscellaneous keys. Spousal unit has a keyless car but he keeps his magic fob with his wallet (theoretically) so he doesn’t lose it (theoretically.) So when I return from driving anywhere, the keys will go on their hook about the time my purse goes on its hook. Sometimes the keys are in my purse and on even rarer occasions, they may be in a pocket, but the vast majority of times, they go right on the key hook.

Where do your keys live when you’re not using them?

In a not-very-hidden hidey spot in the car. My purse lives there too, generally.

We live out in the middle of nowhere, and the car is out of sight from the road.

My car keys stay in my Jeep. I keep a set of work keys in a magnet box “hidden” at work. At home we have no keys, hence our doors are never locked.

My Keys have a hook on my nightstand, so they are in my pocket, in my car or on the nightstand.

My phone is usually with me. About the only time I can’t find it is at dinner time, when I will set it down somewhere in the kitchen or dining room. Then there might be a “Please Call me” shout if I really placed it out of sight.

I am hopelessly disorganized but this is a problem I do not have. My keys stay in the pocket of the jeans that I usually wear, and if they’re being laundered, then they have a temporary home in a little plastic container by the bed, which also contains loose change.

My phone is likewise usually in a predictable location. It’s usually downstairs on a sort of open partition between kitchen and family room, which is also where its charger is. Sometimes it’s up on my bed, comprising the triumvirate of electronics that lives there: tablet, Kindle, and phone. Occasionally it’s on my computer desk if I’m expecting a text or have to respond to two-factor authentication.

Yeah, we don’t lock our doors either. A benefit of where we live.

But my keys are always in my left front pocket of my jeans. When I put on a new/clean pair, they just get transferred.

I put mine in a container by my bed.

I keep losing my watch and some of my masks, though. (I have a lot of masks, so their numbers just shrink.)

We enter and exit thru the garage, so our house key is the clicker in whatever vehicle we’re driving, or the keypad next to the garage door. I think we have a key to the front door, but I keep the barrel bolts in place, so a key won’t get you in there. I honestly don’t think we’ve ever entered our house that way, except when we go out on the front porch from the living room. But it’s where pizza deliveries show up. :wink:

Little glass shelf in my hallway under the mirror.

Can’t imagine not having a regular place for them. Surely that would be to invite stress and delay.

Agree with this. We have a wooden, wall-hanging organizer that has a mirror, three cubbies for mail and what-not, and a metal hook on each cubby for keys. It’s in the hallway above a narrow table that contains hats, my wife’s purse, and a metal basket for bulk mail.

Don’t get the idea we are super-organized. There are pockets of clutter all thru the house.

But if you return home and your power is out, then what?

Phone and keys in pocket at all times.

On the little counter in the kitchen with my sunglasses and land line. Every so often they hide in my coat pocket. Cell phone is on the shelf above the kitchen sink.

Lovely spalted pearwood key rack with brass hooks, by the front door. As of last week, when I put it up. Before that, in a bowl at the same location. But keys get tangled up in a bowl, and also, less visible.

My keys are almost always in the key rack just next to the front door, I (almost always) put them there when I enter and (almost always) take them from there when I leave.
Those “almost always” however can sometimes interact in problematic ways like the time I got out (took the keys with me), closed the door, remembered I had forgotten my mask inside, opened the door, put the keys in the rack, took my mask, got out, closed the door… and remembered that I had left the keys in the rack…

(My wife and son where with my mother in law, taking her to get vaccinated, so I had to wait for about 4 hours outside until they got back and opened the door for me :man_facepalming:)

Keyhooks by the front door. I keep my keys on the second hook, my wife keeps hers on the first hook.

I take it you don’t watch horror films.

My keys are always in the hallway on a tourist souvenir key hook showing an ancient faded photo of Florence - I inherited it from a house I bought many years ago in Italy. I eventually sold the house, but kept the key hook as a memento.

Front pocket of whichever pair of jeans I am wearing or will be putting on to go out.

My keys are always in one of the following places:

  • The front right pocket of the pants I am currently wearing
  • The front right pockets of the pants I used to be wearing
  • My hand
  • My car’s ignition

Oh yeah, I tell you, then you come over and sneak into my house… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a key to the basement door on my key ring, plus there’s one tucked away in one of our outbuildings.