Where do your keys live?

We may have done this topic in the past, but it’s long enough ago that I don’t remember. If that’s the case, here we go again…

When you come home after work or errands or whooping it up, what do you do with your keys? Do you have a bowl like the guys on Big Bang? Or a cubby? A hook? Pocket or purse? The crisper drawer in the refrigerator? Or do you prefer the challenge of finding your keys before you venture out the next time?

We enter from the garage to the kitchen. On the short wall that makes the side of the pantry, we’ve got a little wooden key rack with half a dozen hooks. Right above it is another rack for hanging our jackets and my purse. My husband (most of the time) hangs his keys on the key rack. If mine aren’t in a pocket, they go on one of the jacket rack hooks with my purse and hoodie or sweater. On rare occasions, they’ll be in my purse, and I’ve been known to put them on the counter, but that’s just begging to have the cat knock them to the floor.

I may forget where I left my phone, but it’s rare that I can’t find my keys.

On one of these, attached to the front door.

Top of the bookshelf near my computer desk (along with all of the various other things I keep in my pockets), but I don’t take them out of my pocket until late enough in the evening that I’m sure I’m not leaving the apartment again that night.

We park in an integral garage. I leave mine in the ignition, pulling them out just far enough so there’s no “ding”. She leaves hers in the cup holder in her car. Spare keys in a key safe in the basement.

Same with me. I leave mine in the ignition. My garage is part of the house. My garage door is motorized and nearly impossible to pull up if the catch on the chain isn’t released. My front door is deadbolted and if the car’s in the garage, then I’m home. I keep a spare car key in my pocket at all times.

There’s a small shelf in the entryway. It works great, I can’t remember the last time I misplaced my keys.

In a basket up on the bar.

I don’t think the wisdom of keeping your keys in one place sunk in til I was well into my thirties. Oh…All the time I’ve wasted looking for keys!!

I lock the door from the inside and leave the key in the lock. It’s practical because I need to unlock when I go out anyway, and also you can’t open the door from the other side with a key if the key is inserted on the inside, so no unexpected visitors.

I have a clear, plastic makeup bag that sits on the shelf under my computer.

I keep my keys, pill case, comb, brush, son’s wallet, BB cream, and body oil in it.
I’m anal about putting my keys in the same place, I hate having to look for anything when I am trying to leave.

In a bowl. You should get a bowl. :smiley:

We have a pig-themed set of hooks that hangs in the front hall right by the door. My wife has her hook, I have mine, and the others are for the extra keys in our lives.

In a beautiful handcrafted little wooden bowl, made of local (to him) Alaskan wood by a now-decease, dear friend of the family. We intone his name (Buzz) almost daily – “Don’t forget to leave your keys in the Buzz bowl!”

In my pocket. On my dresser at night.

In a plate on the kitchen counter, along with wallet, comb and spare change.

The OP’s casing our joints, right?

Personal keys live in my pants pocket. 99+% of the time. Especially now since my car starts when the fob is in my pocket.

Work keys are either on a clip on my belt, or in the electronic KeyMinder when I’m not at work.

In my right front pants pocket. I no longer wear a wide variety of pants, so this works for me.

Bah! You saw thru my nefarious plan to increase my key collection by thievery. Curses, foiled again!!!


Car key is on a carabiner, which I clip to a loop on my purse.
I have one of those old fashioned tin mail receivers/key hooks that I bought at an antique store eons ago nailed next to the door. House and assorted keys get hooked on there when we walk in, and I keep important receipts there until I can file them.

Yeah, I leave them in my pockets. Fish them out along with the wallet and other necessities when I change pants.

For a while now, I’ve had one key ring on each side of my pants… both with a car key in them. Since I’ve adopted this protocol, I’ve never entirely locked myself out of the car. :wink:

In my pants pocket (when I am wearing clothes). At home, there is a space in the kitchen (end of the counter nearest the bedroom door) where keys, billfold, change and any other pocket-sized items go.

Except when I forget…