Take your chance with hell

Here is a question that was asked to me by a friend.

“would you rather rule in hell or take your chance as to where you would go when you died?”

There are a few rules. 1)when you die you don’t know if your going to heaven or hell. 2) If you want to rule in hell you wouldn’t be top dog, Just not bottom scum. 3)if you take your chance and do go to hell you WILL be bottom scum.

Bad spellers of the world… UNTIE

Would you be allowed to help people in Hell? if so, I vote for Hell.

“Eppur, si muove!” - Galileo Galilei

I’ve been told by several Christians that I’m probably going to be hell bound because of my beliefs, so I’d probably just go with the more cushy spot in hell. I don’t think I’d like the flames that make you all charred black. I think I’d rather have those cooler flames so I could be slow roasted to a nice golden-brown.

What about Guido saruccis “pay for your sins” concept, where you get to work it off. I would demand to be able to “pay for my sins”.
The top dog/little dog jobs in hell have no appeal. Sounds like a bad B movie.

Without getting into a lecture on Christianity, I’d just like to say that the whole question sounds like you’re getting your view of the afterlife from Image Comics.

This is really a Great Debate . . . so that’s where it’s going.

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