Taking Chance

If you have not seen the film, Taking Chance, with Kevin Bacon, try to do so.

I understand that politics can easily insert itself into everything, but the fact is that young kids join the military and die. The dignity and honor shown these kids is amazing and this film demonstrates it admirably.

Whether you agree with the politics of the politicians or not, kids like me went off and did what we were told. When it all went wrong, it is good to know that what was left was treated right.

Damn, Kevin Bacon does a good Marine.

To us all who have been in front of it, my God bless us all.

To one special SRA, I remember, to you, I still remember. Always

You earned that. We all never forget.

I saw this movie quite a while ago and was very impressed and moved by it. I, too, recommend it to anyone. This coming from the opposite of a ‘conservative’, although I think politics has very little to do with the movie.