Taking in rescue cats can be heartbreaking

Tesla was weak when we took him from the shelter, along with his friend Mr. Puma Man(aka Pooh Bear). He had been found stuck in a car engine-they didn’t know how long he had been stuck in there when he was discovered, skinny as a rail and matted so badly he had to be shaved on both sides of his body. He could barely move, and he was almost totally deaf, but we fed him and got his weight up a bit. The mere act of walking across the room tired him out, but always made an effort to find a lap to curl up on, and he loved his scritches.
This afternoon, after a day of just sipping water and showing no interest in food, we rushed him to the animal emergency hospital. They didn’t find any major problems, but while they re-hydrating him, about an hour and a half ago, his heart just stopped.
They say that shared joy is multiplied, and shared pain is lessened…but this just hurts right now.

You gave him as good a home as you could. Thank you for doing this.

He died surrounded by love. That’s important. You are good and kind.

I’m so sorry. He had warmth, love, and kindness in his life and that’s a wonderful thing.

You did good.

Sorry to hear that; very kind of you to care for suffering animals.

You gave him a home.

He knew love and peace, thanks to you. Thank you, Czarcasm.

You gave him a safe haven in which to spend his final days, and that is no small thing. We should all be so fortunate.

Of course it hurts. I’m very sorry but rest assured that he knew love and that’s all that matters.

Rescue is holy work.

Pooh Bear misses his bro. He kept waiting for me to put the second bowl of food down before he would touch his breakfast this morning.

Is someone chopping onions in here or what?:frowning:

I’m so sorry for your loss, but as others have told me, he died while being loved and taken care of.

That’ll do, Czarcasm, that’ll do.

I’m so sorry. Thank you for taking him in and showing him love and kindness. {{{hugs}}}

I’m so sorry, Czarcasm, HUGS Sometimes all you can do is the best you can do.

Rescue work isn’t for wimps. Cat’s, dogs, horses… You’re going to get some experiences most folks are spared.

God bless, for sticking yourself out there and exposing your heart.

In many years of rescuing one truth has stood out. Animals know and appreciate the efforts you make on their behalf, although they perhaps are too damaged by the time you receive them to properly communicate that appreciation.

You gave Tesla a gift beyond price. And he knew it.

Thank you for what you did for him.

Thank you. Everyone else has said all the stuff that needs to be said.

I’m so glad Tesla was cared for and knew he was loved. But damn, there’s so much sadness in rescue. I’m so sorry. :frowning: I hope Pooh Bear will be ok and finds a good home.

Pooh Bear keeps dashing from room to room, hoping to catch Tesla hiding somewhere I guess.