Good-bye Sweet CharlieCat

I came home from work tonight to find that my sweet CharlieCat had passed away in his sleep, curled up on one of the dog beds. He had been losing a bit of weight lately, but otherwise seemed fine. He was, I suspect, old; I adopted him almost 10years ago, and he was likely middle aged then. He had had a rough life, living on the streets.

He was rescued from an abandoned house that burned to the ground. He had 3rd degree burns over most of his body. No one thought he would survive. But he did. A group called PAWS took him in and nursed him back to health. They did not usually take animals that badly injured, but when they looked in on him, lying there brunt so badly, he raised his head and licked her hand. She said she couldn’t leave him there to be euthanized.

months later, they put him up for adoption at PetSmart. The trouble was, no one wanted him, then called Char, because his little body was covered with hairless scars. He wasn’t ‘pretty’ enough. I went into PetSmart that fateful day, NOT looking for a cat… Only a couple months earlier, I had adopted a cat from PAWS, and didn’t need another. But there he was, and as I read his bio, I hooked my fingers in the cage, and Char began licking them, a deep rumbling purr echoing in the room. I brought him home that day and renamed him Charlie.

Immediately, he settled right in. He became best buddies with my Gordon Setter puppy Nick. The wrestled and snuggled. Nick would sneak up on Charlie when he was sleeping and drag him around, and Charlie would sneak up on Nick when HE was sleeping and pounce. Charlie often got in the crate with one of the Gordons, curling up on top of them. When Papillon Bunny came along, he had someone his own size, and they would chase each other endlessly. On chilly nights, Charlie would literally wedge himself between me and Nick in bed, the warmest spot in the house, and purr us to sleep.

Charlie begged like a dog; he LOVED butter and demanded a lick anytime I got it out of the fridge. He occasionally chewed on a rawhide, like a dog. He greeted me every night with kisses, and always came when called.

I was always more of a dog person than a cat person, but Charlie, along with my girl Ruby, let me see that cats can be every bit as loving.

Life will not be the same without my sweet, sweet CharlieCat. He was a once in a lifetime kitty. I don’t know what we are going to do without him.

I’m so sorry, PapSett. Take comfort in the fact that he died in the comfort of home where he was loved. You saved him from certain death or a hard life in the streets and gave him love, animal companions and a soft bed to sleep in and he gave you 10 wonderful years in return.

We’ll see those pets we loved
And play with them once more
When we’ve moved on above
Or what’s a Heaven for.

RIP CharlieCat. You clearly loved and were loved.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Charlie sounds like he was an awesome cat, and good for you for seeing his inner beauty and giving him a good life.

Do you have a pic? I’d love to see him.

What a sweet bunch of memories of him you have. So sorry for your loss.

Sounds like Charlie went in the best possible way. What a life story! Thank you for sharing it.

It sounds like you gave Charlie a wonderful life.

Sorry for your loss.

What a lucky kitty to have a family like yours. Sorry for your loss.

Thanks everyone. And Infovore, here are a few pics of Charlie.

With his best bud, Nick:

With Ruby:

In all his glory on my desk chair:

The day I brought him home. You can see some of his scars here:

Awwww, I’m so sorry.

You took a hurt kitty into your home and loved him. You gave him a life that easily might not have happened.

Aww, Charlie was lovely. Looks like he had a lot of personality!

I’m so sorry, I just saw this, PapSett. Charlie was a lucky cat.


I’m so sorry, Papsett.

Pets are friends we are lucky enough to meet and spend some time with.
They don’t lie or try to put us down; they have an honesty miles above those caught up in all that crap.

Not every pet gets a grave as fancy as a person does, but No One pisses on a pet’s grave.

So sorry to hear of your loss. We can miss our pets as much as people.

The only good thing about this story is that after starting bad, it has a happy ending. The cat that was hurt so badly lived a long and happy life, and died well loved.

I hope Charlie gets to meet my pets that have gone before.

I’m sorry.
You gave him a wonderful life,he gave you a lot of love.

He was a beautiful cat. Thank you for sharing him with us.

My condolences on your loss.

I missed this the first time. I’m so sorry about CharlieCat, but glad he went peacefully in a very comfortable spot. What a beautiful boy.

I feel bad for having missed this the first time, too. I’m so very sorry. He seems like wonderful cat.

Anyone who adopts a rescue animal is a very special person. Charlie thanked you in spades for being rescued. I know it’s hard right now, and it will get easier as time goes by. But you will never forget him. We lost our beloved Lucky more than a year ago and I cannot stop thinking of him now.

Sorry, I can’t seem to see clearly right now. I need to go and hug my other rescue kitties right now.

Thank you for sharing. My condolences.

I’m aorry for your loss, papsett. The little bastards do make a home in our hearts. You’re a good man for giving CharlieCat a great life. Hugs to you, my friend.