Tales of the Zombie War

I discovered this site yesterday. It’s all fan fiction zombies stories, many would fit perfectly in World War Z. A few of my favorites are; Night of the Frozen Elf, Original Documents, Night Commander (very good, play close attention as you read),
Gerald… (really funny), and A Nursing Home (disturbing, but good). And warning, this site can be an even bigger timewaster than TVTropes.

For being a lover of zombie films, I find a lot of zombie stories to be tedious. WWZ being the exception.

I recently picked up an anthology book of zombie short stories (it’s called New Dead) and so far my favorite story is titled - Ithink- “What Maysie Knew”
It’s an interesting world like the movie "Fido"where zombies are basically slave labor. A man has a zombie sort-of mistress that he keep locked up. Heightened physical sensation causes the zombies to “wake up” and remember bits and piece of their lives.

Interesting site - thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the stories you listed, and also found myself liking most of Pete Bevan’s work.

I was going to recommend this same book and story.