Talk about a slow news day...

Moments ago, on MSNBC we got breaking news of a car chase on a freeway in Los Angeles!!!

Guy steals an old Buick STATION WAGON which sparks a a “dramatic” car chase, which ends with a cop car doing a “pit maneuver” to stop the car and catch the desperado. Seeds got up to 65 mph. the announcer said.

I am not demeaning the cops at all. They did a no-nonsense job.

BTW it was also on CNN’s Headline News.

No kidding. On the CNN website on “Headline News” there was a report of a nannycam catching a caregiver handling a child roughly and Stacey Peterson’s family has “eerie feeling” after the autopsy decided that Drew Peterson’s 3rd wife was murdered. Stacey’s only been missing for 4 months and Drew’s only been the suspect in her disappearance for the same length of time. In other news - Ise is still cold!


Time to resign ourselves to what the day holds, flip from CNN to HDTV, and really commit to watching paint dry.

Um, I mean HGTV. Damn.

If it’s HGTV in HDTV, you can watch paint dry in really fine detail.