Slow news day

From the CNN Headlines: “Scientists fail to photograph rare bird.”

I have to imagine that on any given day, there are tens of billions of things that scientists don’t photograph.

What will tomorrow’s headline be?

“Water wet, not dry.”

“Gravity affects teachers and pupils, scientists say.”

“No new leads in Jimmy Hoffa disappearance.”

“Democrats and Republicans fail to agree on foreign, domestic, and economic policy. Both sides agree that anyone who votes for the other party is a blithering idiot.”

From elsewhere on the board, we learn that “Prince Charles is picky about how his eggs are cooked” is a top story.

Shoshana Does Not Apply For, Does Not Receive, Fulbright

E. Thorp Briefly Considers Applying for Fulbright Since There’s Now an Extra One Lying Around, Decides Against It.

“Sun rising somewhere in the world. Sunset expected later.”

This just in: Gravity Still Sucks!

Exclusive: Man Moons On Walk

Hmm, I was just thinking "Naah, The Onion must’ve already done that one, but apparently they haven’t. Yet :smiley:

Actually . . .

You shouldn’t have tempted fate. :frowning: