Talk about photos!

Nice, rjk. I agree with Sam’s comments about the sub photo. I like the bud photo, although i think it would look a little better if the colour were more saturated, maybe by playing with levels and curves in a program like Photoshop or, if you don’t care to spend that much money, The Gimp.

Lobsang, i really like pictures of towns at night, and you photo of Douglas is cool.

Sam, i like your indoor still life pictures. I’ve never really tried my hand at this sort of thing. If it’s well done it can really look great.

I love awsnappity’s lily. Great colours.

Of Yosemite’s, i like the one at top left, of Yosemite (natch) best. It looks misty and moody.

My pictures can be found here.

I have a bunch more that i need to put up, including over 100 from my trip home to Australia and some from my wedding and trip to California in May. I’ve been very lazy lately about getting them ready to put on the web.

For those who don’t care to troll through all the galleries (i don’t blame you), some of my own favorites are:

Dome of Texas Capitol 1
Dome of Texas Capitol 2
Looking out from inside Texas Legislature
Texas Capitol from the grounds
Tall ship Balclutha, detail. San Francisco
Cafe, Castro Street, San Francisco
Inside the fort, Fort Point, San Francisco
Buried car, Baltimore
Flowers 1
Flowers 2
Flowers 3
Flowers 4
Flowers 5
Water lilies
My friend’s cat