Talk to me about finding tech jobs/internships

A little background: I’m currently interning. I enjoy what I’m doing–working as a web developer. I like the challenge, I feel like I could learn a lot in this focus, and it’s always changing.

Yet, I also know that I’m interested in a number of other cool things in IT. I almost have tech-oriented-ADD, if that makes sense. Networks seem cool, I enjoy helping people figure out what’s wrong with their computers, etc.

I’m very interested in getting certifications in CompTIA A+, CCNA, etc. It all feels a little overwhelming. I just know I want to be as adaptable as possible for wherever I end up going. I really do enjoy web development, but I worry that it seems like those sorts of jobs are only found in specific regions, where I might not wanna go immediately.

Should I try to focus on as many things as I can? Any advice about long-distance job searches?

Thanks in advance!

Since you’re looking for advice, I’ll move this to our advice forum, IMHO.