Tampa Dopefest Tomorrow Night! Please Check In!

OK, guys - Tampa Dopefest is tomorrow night at The Melting Pot on Dale Mabry, 7:30 PM. Directions in this thread. The following people are confirmed: Oicu812, Cyndar, Bear Nenno, and me. I sent an e-mail to LouisB, but haven’t gotten a reply, and he hasn’t posted in 8 days. Is anyone else interested in coming to this thing? Please try to let us know tonight so Michi can make reservations!

I’d offer to be there in spirit but I don’t want to do anything that might cause Michi to have reservations…

Well, I’ll call there first thing in the morning and make reservations for 4, under the name Michelle. If Louis and SO decide to show up, I am sure it will not be a problem.

Look forward to seeing ya Sani!

And Cheffie, we’ll have a drink in your honor. :slight_smile:

You guys pick a good time to get together in the Dec. 21-22-23 range, so Mrs. F. and I can meet some of you guys when we’re down visiting her folks for Christmas.

Again, my apologies: I cannot attend, but I have sent a donation to Cyndar to cover part of the costs.

Happy fonduing!

Definitely looking forward to the next one!

Great! Make it an “ER Vet Nurse”… that’s a shot of Red Hot and a shot of rubbing alcohol, served on fire in the cup of a bra…

and I suggest this toast: “To Cheffie…he may not be Wally, but by harry, he ain’t humorless!”

I am going to have to beg off. I am serving as temporary care provider for my ninety year old father. He has been ill for the last two weeks and I feel that I cannot leave him unattended.

I was looking forward to meeting you guys, too. Maybe another time.

Well, sorry to hear about your troubles. There is always another time for a gathering.

Reservations are set. I’ll bring a camera. :slight_smile: And no, there will be no pictures of my breasts this time.

I’m on my way!

4??? Well, if all four of us show up, it will be some kind of record!!
Where is TampaFlyer and all the other Tampa Dopers… I know there must be more!

Heheh…don’t push it Bear…4 is an excellent number for us. We ALMOST had 7!

I can’t believe I made it to the computer before Bear did.

Well, it was just three of us again, me, Bear, and Sani. Bu that’s OK, because we had a good time. The food was delicious, and the chocolate fondue was to die for. Bear had a good time all night melting his straw over the burner. Sani scared a 10 year old boy in the restroom. And I kept wondering what it would feel like to drip that warm, melted chocolate on my body. :wink: We took a few pics, which Sani might be able to post, as soon as I get them developed.

Uhhh…let me just clarify that I did NOT drip chocolate all over myself and that is NOT what the pics are of! :slight_smile:

I was paged by work as I was pulling out of the parking lot. I had to go back and save the world (Or at least a few hundred thou…) Working for a credit card processor SUCKS. On call 24/7, and everyone else in the company (with a few exceptions) are idiots. Needless to say, I was unable to attend. My abject and humblest apologies.


vidi vici veni!

JUST got back from the opera - Magic/Knicks game got out at the same time (Magic lost) and the parking lot was full of drunks and people in a hurry. Had a pretty good time (very impressive Lady Macbeth, Macbeth was okay).

Can’t wait to meet you all sometime!

That’s OK, Oicu, I can understand about being on call.

We’ll have to do this again soon…soemtime in December I think, is when everyone wants to try again. I may have to sit it out if it is on a weekend, but that’s ok…everyone can’t always work around my stupid schedule. :slight_smile:

Damn, guys, if only I could get a ride up that way…
I swear, eventually I’ll probably do a rocky horror-style dopefest in West Palm Beach sometime, maybe around February.

Well, I drove some ~350 miles for it and it was great fun. I almost fell asleep quite a few times on the ride back, but managed not to get pulled over or in any accidents. And now I’m tired, cold, and find that Dad didn’t do the favor I asked him and just this once run my sheets and comforter, so I’m waiting for the wet, cold comforter to dry. Grrr…

Well, glad to hear that you made it back home all in one piece!
OK…when’s the next one?