Tangle Plum Tea is neither tangled, nor plum, nor tea

My roommate just came back from Tokyo with some purple packets of “Tangle Plum Tea” from the Royal Park Hotels chain. I boiled some water and opened the packet. First surprise: it’s powder, not a tea bag. Second surprise: when stirred into the water, a sort of foam forms, like you might find in egg drop soup. Third, it tastes more like egg drop soup than anything else–certainly not tea, and certainly not plum. Biggest surprise: Google returns zero hits for “tangle plum” and no meaningful results for “plum tangle.”

What are we drinking?

Do you really want to know?

The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, nor Roman, nor an Empire
and it didn’t taste like tea, either.

And what’s up with that “Yard o’ Beef?” That sucker’s a foot and a half, tops.

Another data point (or lack thereof)~

Putting “Tangle Plum” into Bablefish’s English - Japanese translator yields “もつれのプラム”, and using their ‘search for this on the net’ button yielded zero results.

Oh, and for the record, there’s no soy in Solyent Green (pedantic technicalities aside).

It sort of sounds like the red ginseng tea my in laws get for me from Korea. It is a packet of beige granules that you dissolve in hot water. There is a little foaming but not much more than when you pour sugar into hot water.

Depends on whether you go by the ook or the movie, don’t it? And that ain’t perdantic.
For that matter, how do you know there’s no soy in the movie version? I know places I can get “meatballs” that are partly soy…

You must be drinking a “tea” made from (kombu)tangle seaweed and ume(plums).
You gotta be real Japanese to drink that!! :stuck_out_tongue: