Unusual flavors of tea you've tried.

I just got some chocolate mint black tea last week, from a specialty tea shop in my area. It’s really nice! Not strong at all - a regular black tea with undernotes of chocolate and mint. Very smooth, nice dessert tea, great if you have chocolate cravings but want to skip all the sugar and fat.

What are some unusual flavors of tea you’ve had? Would you recommend them or not?

I ordered some Twinings Lapsang Souchong last winter (we renamed it Tenzig Norgay. I dunno why, but it stuck). It is a smoked tea, so somewhat of an adventure. The aroma of it reminded me a lot of a leather store (in a good way). I liked it but my husband hated it.

That choccy mint tea sounds delicious!

The Orange colored Oolong, that tastes like slightly salty peachy tea. Yum! I think it’s Oolong variety number 40 from Taiwan that I tried. It’s quite good.

I haven’t tried any, but I think this company wins the award for weirdest teas.


I wouldn’t say they’re weird. Just not commonly known b/c most people don’t realize you can make tea from many of the herbs on the site, or know of the health benefits.

I regularly drink teas made from sweetgrass, sage, cedar, and white pine.

Now, imagine something like hamburger tea…now that would be weird.

I once had Psilocybin tea. It tasted awful, but it did turn my world many pleasant colors…

My roommate has a bag of key lime pie tea, which I’ve yet to try.

She also had some ginger and pear tea, which was yummy.

That I don’t recognize. What is it?

I get the little sample tins from adagio teas, but I haven’t been too adventurous yet. I did try their Valentine tea from earlier this year, black tea with chocolate and strawberries. Yummy.

I also have their strawberry patch herbal tea, and it’s sooooo good! Has bits of strawberries in there, it’s like grown-up kool-aid. I have their black tea flavored with Hibiscus, too, but I haven’t tried it yet.

Also, I love their ingenuitea teapot – makes it so easy to make loose-leaf tea! They have a video on their website, you all should check it out!
[hijack]AFG, I there was a Ratapalooza in Seattle this weekend! I saw it on the news – everyone with their cute little ratses – and thought of you. [/hijack]

Republic of tea has a green tea and toasted rice variety i love.

I believe he’s referring to steeped halucinogenic mushrooms, but I’m not certain.

May I highjack for just a second? Several weeks ago in a thread about tea somebody started a post with “I’m a tea snob.” That person might be attracted to a thread of this title so I’m fishing for him/her to say “Thank You!”

That person then went on about why you should use a tea filter.

This morning the tea filter arrived. WOW! The little tea ball/infuser is retired.

Thank You Tea Snob if you’re reading this post.

Okay, done.

I am a tea snob, and in every tea thread where somebody hasn’t mentioned it yet, I recommend a tea filter, but if it wasn’t me in that particular tea thread, I’ll accept your thanks on behalf of all tea snobs.


Enjoy your filter!

(A pox on tea balls! A pox!!!)

I’ll post my favorite whacky flavor later!

Yes, it was my lone experience in that respect (link), but the day was spent floridly!


What did you, uh, see?

Have you guys ever tried ama-cha, or hydrangea tea?. Ama-cha is not made from tea-bushes, but from a plant related to the garden bush Hydrangea. FTR; I’m not talking about Stevia-extract, which is also a sweet-tasting herbal extract.

I bought a packet of ama-cha last year. It is really, really expensive, but you need just a tiny pinch of dried leaf a cup, so a packet goes a long way. Just a tiny pinch for a whole cup of strong, amazingly sweet-tasting, fragrant tea.
The sweetness of the tea is amazing; very different from sugared tea. A more full-bodied-sweetness, if that makes any sense. At no calories at all!

Oh, and what is this teafilter you speak about? Link to a picture please?

I saw sounds and heard colors! Actually, I saw Fishbone, Dinosaur Jr., Tool, Rage Against the Machine, and Alice in Chains at Lollapalooza (1993), which I believe was the last concert at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia… but I digress… I saw lots of swirling tattoos, animated bandana’s, interactive clouds, breathing trees, holes in the ground that were eating themselves, a 10’x100’ living caterpillar made of port-a-potties, a few internal demons from my shadow (think Jung), and about 100,000 people staring at me…

Like I said, it was my lone experience with such substances, but am quite sure such an experience should be mandatory for all earth-dwelling humans, and the tea mixed with Gatorade was a key player!

Sure! Here’s what I bought. What the filter does is allow the tea to spread out and infuse. The little tea ball just doesn’t have enough room to allow the tea to do that, especially if you’re using one of the gunpowder teas.


OK, I have two. Something called Candy Cane, of which the base is decaf green tea, and the flavoring is lovely peppermint. Much more satisfying to me than regular peppermint herbal tea. I assume it’s seasonal and will be available again soon.

The other is a nightmare from my childhood. I had allergies and stuff, and for some reason I was obliged to drink celery seed tea every night after dinner. I loathed it - the memory still brings shudders.