Tapatalk automatic signature - why?

I got the forum reading app known as “tapatalk” for my phone and I’ve been reading forums using that for a while now. I recently went in and looked at some of the settings for the first time. I noticed that it automatically wants to add a signature that says “sent from my phone using tapatalk blah blah blah”. I was horrified.
These do not appear to have shown up when I looked at my old posts, and I’m glad, because I always thought that that was so annoying and tacky.
Why does the program try to do this? Furthermore, why does it try to do it seemingly secretly? It was not immediately obvious that this setting was turned on by default. Is it simply a matter of advertising or is it a caveat, warning that I won’t be able to link or type long messages easily?
Maybe this should have gone into MPSIMS. I apologize if it’s in the wrong forum, or if the post is incomprehensible, but I do have an actual question.

I’m sure it’s mostly for advertising purposes, but it also serves to let people know to forgive any weird spelling or punctuation errors, since it’s more difficult to type properly on a phone.

This. I can’t even add anything, just…this. :stuck_out_tongue:

You do know that you can change the text of that, right?


iPhones and HTC Android phones (well, at least mine) do this for SMSes as well.

Blackberry also.

My HTC Android doesn’t do it, but it’s a “pure Google-experience” Android phone without the HTC Sense UI overlay.