Tapatalk Sig test

Just seeing what this looks like on desktop.

Once more into the brink…

Nope, turning on a Tapatalk signature–whether blank or one of the defaults–does not stop it from posting my board signature. Darn it.

Though, incidentally, a Tapatalk post counts as a post for desktop timeout purposes.

Breach, not brink, I think…

What was that again about charity in the face of error? :slight_smile:

Count me in as another occasional Tapatalk user who wishes it would respect my sig default which is “no sig”.

I also wish it didn’t double the space between paragraphs each time you quote or edit.

A pony, or at least a pony icon, would be nice too.

:smiley: Touché !!

Just trying to liven up an ATMB thread.

I don’t mind. I learned something. I wonder where I learned that malapropism.

Once could always go *over *the brink. Like going over the edge, it signals passing a point of no return and implies a disastrous (or at least adverse) outcome.

Said another way, it’s the point at which you become committed. I’m gonna push [submit] here in a moment & when I do I’m over the brink; there’s no retracting the post later.

Here I go; once more over the brink! Committing my words to posterity yet again. Wish me luck!

I didn’t know you were wrong. I searched for the phrase to see where it came from.