TAPS (Ghosthunters)-Do These Guys EVER Find Anything?

lowbrass, Baldwin,

Have you ever watched an entire episode of the show?

And how do we prove that, if ghosts exist, then there should be measurable evidence of their existance?

Because if there isn’t a measurable evidence of their existence then their existence is moot. They could neither interact with the universe or be detectable. And once you cross that line where you accept the existence of something that could not be interacted with in anyway you might as well say the ghosts are hanging out with fairies and the flying spaghetti monster.

What’s so rude about saying that there is no such thing as a ghost?

Nothing really, but since this thread is about the show Ghost Hunters and TAPS, you should have had seen at least one episode before coming in with that statement. You may also comment on some of their more ‘interesting’ finds and perhaps offer an explanation.

For real. Why do peple get bent about that? Would they get upset if someone said there was no such thing as werewolves? What if there was a vampire hunter show and somebody asked this board if they ever found any real vampires? Would anyone get upset or accuse us of not being 'open minded" if we patiently explained that no, they never find any real vampires because vampires are mythical creatures which not only don’t exist in the real world but couldn’t exist in the real world.

Ghosts – as poorly defined as they are (and that presents a giant problem for these fake “investigators” as well), not only lack a single speck of credible evidence, they also couldn’t possible exist even theoretically in this universe.

OK, so if they exist, then we should be able to measure some or other effect of that existence?

So how do we know that we’re measuring for the right effects? And how do we know when we’ve sampled enough data to conclusively claim that there are no ghosts?

It sounds like you’re onto something important here, could you explain further? How can we demonstrate that your assertion is true?

This isn’t my fight, and I have no desire to get into one, but isn’t that a perfect example of threadshitting?

By comparing the claims made about ghosts with what the laws of physics will permit.

Not in a context where a question is being asked about whether anyone has ever found a ghost.

It sounds like we should shut down the universities, because everything knowable about the entire freaking universe is already known. :rolleyes:

Don’t see what that has to do with my making a simple logical point, but – I’ve seen “Ghosthunters”; it’s pathetic. Don’t know what “TAPS” is.

OK, but do we know that these claims are not compatible with the laws of physics as they will be known in another ten years? Or twenty?

Strawman. It isn’t necessary to know everything about the universe in order to know that a.) a given hypothesis is not necessitated by any observable evidence, b) that hypothesis has not been defined within scientific parameters (there are no falsifiable tests) or c.) that popular claims regarding said hypothesis are incompatible with the physical laws of the universe and are therefore impossible, by definition.

Like I said, nobody would get their panties in a bunch if i said that vampires were impossible. What makes the existence of ghosts and less ridiculous than the existence of vampires or werewolves? They all have exactly the same amount of evidence and the same degree of theoretical possibility.


But that’s not the question. The OP asked if the TAPS guys ever get anything. And the answer is “yes”, they often get anomalous video/audio/temperature readings that they are unable to explain. The guys themselves rarely, if ever, use the word “ghosts” to label these results. Asked and answered; ergo threadshitting.

And, by the way, in anticipation of the next barrage of criticism: it looks to me that they have well over 6 figures invested in their equipment. Personally, I wouldn’t spend that kind of money so I could go out and pull pranks on people while risking being exposed as a fraud.


The laws of physics don’t change.

Perhaps you would care to briefly describe the major scientific advances in the next 10 or 20 years. I think I might be able to make a few bucks.