Target stole Spuds Mckenzie

Mrs. Roboto Loves Target…I just push the cart
I just saw a commercial for Target using Spuds Mckenzie, the beer dog of 10 years ago. They could have been a little more original and used, say maybe a myhna bird or a billy goat, but Spuds?

Maybe they were playing off of the fact that Spuds had that big black circle around his eye and they instead could make it a “target.” That way, they get double recognition from another brand to theirs.

That’s the best I got. :slight_smile:

Neither of them hold a candle to Suds McDuff :slight_smile:

It’s just a dog, don’t all the dogs of that breed look pretty much the same?

I think he’s pretty cool, and the target over the eye is clever.

But I love Target, so maybe I’m biased. I get almost all my clothes off the deep deep clearance racks there, and they have pretty cute stuff. :slight_smile:

I once got a pair of jeans for $11 off of a clearance rack at Target. They fit like a dream, and I called them my “sexy butt” jeans. Since then I’ve purchased three more pairs. I love clearance shopping at Target.

Yeah. I frequently see shirts I like there at regular price, and since we end up going to pick up paper towels or garbage bags or shampoo or something at least once every week or two (mine has a grocery too), I just routinely check the clearance racks. More times than not, I can find the same shirt for $5-7 when it finally rotates to the clearance racks. I don’t always get the exact size I’d want, but I’m not picky. :slight_smile:

It’s funny… I’ve gotten SO MUCH there off the clearance and deep deep discount at other stores (Penney’s is another good one for nice markdown stuff) that even when I have the money I can hardly bring myself to pay more than $10 for a shirt.

They “stole” it from Little Rascals, not Spuds. You’re several decades off.


I love the “Target Dog!” commercials. :slight_smile: