Tastykakes... in San Diego?!?!

And here I thought I’d have to give them up when I moved from Philadelphia, but nay! I’ve found Kandykakes, Krimpets and more. Alas, I haven’t found quite the entire lineup of goodies, like some of my favorites like Chocolate Juniors or their little individual Koffeekakes. Still, I’m pleased. I’m sure there are other things about Philadelphia I’ll miss (soft pretzels, water ice, real cheesesteaks - everything but John Street).

Of course, Krimpets were better when they came three in a pack in waxed paper, back in my day…


Damn you, Exprix! You move all the way across country and you find Tastykakes. I move to upstate New York and I haven’t seen 'em yet. :frowning:

If you really want Chocolate Juniors, send yourself an Tastykake package from http://www.tastykake.com/ .

Mmmmmmm… Tastykake lemon pies.
Don’t forget the ice cold Tahitian Treat to wash it down!

[singing]Nobody bakes a cake as tasty
as a Tastykake.
Nobody bakes a cake as tasty
as a Tastykake.[/singing]

I just recently found them out here myself.
They are a bit more expensive here, then what I remembered in Philadelphia. But, of course in Philadelphia my Mom was buying them so I didn’t pay careful attention to prices.

Real cheesesteaks are certainly hard to find. There are a few places that try. There is a place up in Northeren California called Jersey Joe’s. I have to admit to not having tried their cheese steaks, but they have yummy mozzerella sticks, and their cheese fries are good. But, they don’t offer cheez wiz on their cheese steaks, which makes it less than authentic, for me.

I really don’t care that people consider it a tourist trap. The best cheese steak for me, is Pat’s Steaks. Friends who grew up in Port Richmond introduced me to it. And if the neighborhood kids like it, it can’t be all bad. I compared it to Geno’s across the street, and I thought it came out on top.

I had forgotten about water ice. I don’t think I realized I couldn’t get it out here. Is it a Philadelphia thing? I mean, when I was there I enjoyed getting it. From Rita’s or whereever I happened to be. But, I would never go out specificallly for it. I guess that’s why I didn’t notice it wasn’t around.

I was happy to find out that Carvel is sold at the Vons out here. Back in Philadelphia I seem to remember only being able to buy it at the Carvel store.

Hmm. A post about food is one of my longest. Is it any wonder I am as round as a donut shaped house? :wink:

mmmmm Kandy Kakes. Peanut butter and chocolate goodness.


[singingsoulfully]Oooo, Tastyka-ake![/singingsoulfully]


Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tastykake!
Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tastykake!


Sending stuff through Tastykake itself is expensive. When my friend Myke (now my housemate) first moved out here, the first Christmas he came home I went out and bought an Acme bag full of boxes of stuff, not just a little sample box of one each that would have cost me double the price. His response? “How the hell am I going to get this home?” Our response? “We’ll eat them!”

Plus we got Krispy Kremes, too! (Oddly, the first KK I ever had was at Penn Station in NY, but they’re from down south. Go fig.)


Ooohh, now you made me think about Butterscotch Krimpets…guess I’ll have to go track some down. Yum.

Pat, I agree that Pat’s is better the Geno’s, but I also liked Olivieri’s in the Reading Terminal as well. I’ve never found a real cheesesteak outside of Philly.

Peanut butter Kandykakes are the only way to go – the chocolate one’s just don’t cut it. They are good right out of the freezer, too.

Oh god. I just saw that I spelled Esprix’s name wrong. I apologize. It’s just that the x and s are the same finger. (I almost type the x and the x.)

Also, excuse me for not joining in the singing – that would only offend even more people.

Yeah, the peanutbutter Kandy Kakes are excellent right out of the freezer. They are also good microwaved, or left in the bus during a trip to the zoo. (Sometimes I leave my lunch in the car while at work, so I can approximate the bus lunch phenomenon.)

I don’t think I have ever been to the Reading Terminal, so I am pretty sure I have yet to try that cheese steak. I also hear good thing about Jim’s on South Street. I might have to check one of them out when I go back in March.

JeffB: Did you grow up in Philadelphia? What part?


Mmmmm…peanut butter Kandy Kakes. Damn you, 'sprix, you’re making me hungry for one, and I don’t have any!!!
Right out of the freezer, with an ice cold glass of milk…

Though Pat’s does have Geno’s beat, Ashton Food Market outdoes 'em both. It’s located on Sherbrook Blvd. in Upper Darby.

As a bonus, it’s been named Best Take Out Beer for nearly 10 years in a row by Philadelphia Magazine. They’ve better than 750 brands from around the world!!

I didn’t grow up in Philly, but I lived there for 16 years before moving this past summer. I lived in North Philly, Center City, and South Philly – even Germantown for one month.

I can’t believe you’ve never been to the Reading Terminal – it’s one of the best farmers markets I’ve been to. There’s always an argument between which is best, the Reading Terminal or the Italian market (sort of the like the Pat’s/Geno’s rivalry). I went to the Reading Terminal more because it tended to be more convenient (for mass transit or parking) and because it’s indoors. Of course, the Italian market has it’s advantages – the butcher shop with all types of meat, the great cheese places, and of course, Fante’s.

I’d skip Jim’s unless you happen to be down there anyway. It’s not worth making a special trip for, though it’s not bad. Now I’m hungry for a cheesesteak, but I’ll never find a good one up here. Even worse is trying to find something resembling a hoagie – all they have are subs.

That would explain it. If I was ever at a Reading Terminal I blocked the experience out. Farmer’s Market? When I was a kid? Blech. Boring mom stuff. Of course, nowadays I go over and check it out, see if there is anything good and or cheap. But, back when I was a year round fixture in Philadelphia. (0-18) A farmer’s market just meant boring shopping time with Mom. On your rave reviews, I think I will check it out in March. My Mom would enjoy the trip, I am sure.

What is Fante’s?

I like the fact that I am so naive about so many great Philadelphia spots, even though I grew up there. Everytime I go back to visit, there is something new to do or see. The typical tourist stuff, like museums, I have done. Its food places, and nightspots that I never hit, because I wasn’t the right age. I like where I live now, but I also think Philadelphis is a great city. So, I like to go visit, and tell others about the great spots. (Well, I would like to visit, even if it wasn’t a great city. I mean, my family lives there, this is just an extra reason.)


Fuck you. I was having a pretty good evening until you reminded me of Tastycake and their absence in my life. We don’t get them in Michigan.
weeps at the thought of a tastycake cupcake with ice-cold milk

You bastard.