Tat yer toddler.

Baby Ink.
Clever web site.

(alas it’s a hoax)

Hee hee. I was taken it at first … these sites perform a valuable service by reminding us that seeing shouldn’t always be believing.

Remember www.manbeef.com? (I didn’t create a link to the site because it’s not up anymore.) It purported to sell human flesh and was quite well done (the site, not the flesh).

Thank God its a hoax, cause I was about to say how freakin’ child abusive is that?! Anyone who’d subject their kid to have something as painful and permanent as a tattoo before they can really consent to it is a messed up individual. I hope noone out there actually does such a thing.

Okay, well, the link was automatically generated anyway. The site doesn’t exist anymore, alas.

When Pamela Anderson was pregnant with her first child, there was a big feature in the Star or Enquirer or somewhere. In it, she said that she and Tommy Lee planned to introduce the baby to guns and tattoos at an early age. I don’t know that they’ve done so, but I remember being rather shocked!

Didn’t Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love tattoo their toddler?

Come to think of it, I’m going out to see my folks this weekend. Maybe I’ll put a fake tat on the Beansprout and watch them freak out. :slight_smile:

When I saw the thread title, I thought of my sister-in-law, who tats. That is, she makes lace, in a club of other lacemakers. Last time I saw her, I asked if she was still in tatters. Yup, she still is.


Playboy’s famous Dahm triplets had tattoos as children. The parents put one dot, two dots, or no dots on a butt cheek of each kid so they could tell them apart.