Tatsuya Ishida's Sinfest

Are there any other fans of Sinfest on the SDMB? Today’s was one of my favorite strips in a while although I’ve been pretty fond of his all-color Sunday strips as a whole since he started them a month or two ago.

I’m a big fan of Sinfest, and am glad that it’s gone back to its regular schedule with bonus big colour Sundays after that month-long unnannounced hiatus.

Hit and miss, drags a bit at times, but always nice to be there. A modern-day Peanuts.

Personally, I find it funny that Monique’s profile calls her a “sluttrampho” when it’s very clear to me that she’s never gone all the way with anybody. I mean, why buy the bull, etc.

I own all 3 “dead trees” collections.

Great comic.

Also, I find Slick’s pimp credentials sorely lacking.

Ninja Theatre is especially fun.

Major fan here. I have laughed myself ragged more than once over Sinfest.

Never seen it before in my life.

However, now that I have, I think you can count me as a new fan. :slight_smile:

Another major fan here. The humor may be hit-and-miss at times, but the art always rawks. I’m also pleased with how Monique and Slick’s characterizations have evolved over the years (not a lot, but it’s there…).

I’m a big fan, too.
I want this on a t-shirt.

I used to be a fan. It got repetitive and dull, and lacks teeth except with regard to the author’s few favorite soapbox subjects.

So, yeah, a modern day Peanuts would be a fair assessment.

<SLAPS CandidGamera with Wet Trout>


Picture this in a Family Paper!


I’m a fan, have been for a while now. I found this, Megatokyo, and Penny-Arcade all in the same week.

While I no longer read Megatokyo, Penny-Arcade and Sinfest and xkcd are my favs.

I highly recommend kxcd, especially if you’re a bit geeky.

Oh my… Went looking at the xkcd comic, found this one. I do that! I pay attention to turn signals to see if they’re in sync.
feels geeky

I kinda agree with CandidGamera. But very weekly. I feel like the strip reached some sort of odd climax when Slick and Monique were about to go on a date but the pig blew it for him. I kinda stopped reading after that.

Now if Monique were to do some nude scenes …

Ah, it’s standard Sinfest strip #12.

My favourite Sinfest bit is calligraphy.

I am blocked from Sinfest at work.

:smack: :rolleyes: