Tattoo Opinions

I simply want this Shakespeare pharase tattooed on my arm: “Weaving spiders, come not here” I normally don’t feel that tattoos have to mean anything to the person getting it. This one though matches my anxiety problems perfectly. Sort of a talisman of sorts.

The problem though is that it is also the motto for the Bohemiam Grove. Opinions? I’m torn both ways.

Well, I daresay that most will not get the reference, so you’ll be fine there.

I suggest that you place it up on your arm though, where it can be easily concealed if need be.

Acid lamp/ 3/4 bodysuit tattooed person.

Since you’re looking for opinions, I’ll move this to IMHO.

i like tattooed quotes that truly mean something to the person.

it is your body, decorate with meaningful things:)

Somebody, enlighten this ignorant heathen, please:
What’s the Shakespeare reference? Which play is it from?

OP: just cuz it’s their motto doesn’t mean that it can’t be yours, too. I’ve got anxiety, and you know what? That phrase is beautiful in such a context - the word “talisman” is intuitively correct to me.

I won’t tattoo it, but hell - I might adopt it quietly, internally. A mental tattoo.

Put it somewhere that it is easily concealed if need be and visit before you get it permanently inked to make absolutely certain that this is the choice you want to make. After that go for it!

If it means something to you, that’s pretty much the only thing that matters. Unless you tell them, nobody is going to know if it has deep meaning to you or if you read it in your alphabet soup. Even fewer people will know about the Bohemian Grove thing - why worry about that small minority of people? I’m not much of a fan of writing tattoos, but if it makes you happy, go for it. Choose a readable font, pick a sensible location on your arm, and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, SPELL CHECK.

Here’s the scene where the quote appears, by the way.

I think written tats can be pretty neat, depending on a few things.

Good idea.

Another good idea.

Good Lord Almighty, YES, spellcheck. Then check it again. Then ask your friend who is a whiz at crossword puzzles and always wins at Scrabble to check it for you. Nothing says, “I’m a dumbass” like a quote with a misspelled word in it.

Tattoos are forever (pretty much), I hope your anxiety issues are not. Will you be OK with the reminder. Will the reminder keep you from getting over your anxiety. Right now you see this as a talisman, ten years from now, do you think its still going to work that way - will you need it to work that way (I hope not, I have anxiety and depression off and on myself and I like not having it) - will it be a reminder of something you overcame or a reminder of only unpleasantness?

(This is really personal and there isn’t a right answer, just think it through for you in the capacity of mental health - and if you are talking to a therapist, talk it through with them).

Thanks for the opinions. They really helped.

Going to do it. Just need to decide on the layout and font.

I know you’ve already decided, but I thought I’d just say that I like the idea and the quote.

I like the quote and I love it when people’s tattoos mean something to them…

Thank you, Marley. That’s a lovely scene. :slight_smile:

The best option when it comes to tattos is the null option:
Don’t get one of the goddam stupid things.

I agree with Marley’s caveat about a readable font. It’s sad to see somebody with an essay all over his back, in some Olde English font that nobody can read without squinting and saying, “Hold still, mate. I’m trying to read your back.”


My opinion? OK. I love tattoos, when they are done well. But I think tattoos of words almost always look bad. Cursive tattoos suck especially. Block letters can look good. The letters should be capital. I just don’t think the look of lower case letters looks good when it’s tattooed on someone’s skin. This looks like shit, in my opinion.

People might think you’re one of the secret rulers of the world, and this is a downside?

Well, how about this? Of course, that’s conventional ink, not tattoo, but it’s a classic dream sequence.

I have a friend who has BAM and POW on the backs of his hands like this womans wrists. It is actually sort of neat, though I wouldn’t go for such visible tattoos, but YMMV. [He really likes comics, and at one time was working in a comic store]

This was along the lines of what I was thinking. Do you really want to commemorate your anxiety with permanent ink? That doesn’t seem like the greatest idea in the world to me, but I can see how it can be internalized to be viewed from a position of strength, plus this opinion is coming from someone who tattooed a bar code on herself because it seemed amusing at the time. It actually still amuses me, which helps, but I permanently stamped a cynical joke to myself on a visible part of my body fer chrissakes, so whatever toasts your bread. I just hope the tattoo won’t serve as a chronic reminder of something painful.

Be well.