Tax Prep in SF - or, critique my website

Having finally gotten my EFIN from IRS, I’m ready to put myself out there – but is my website ready? Take a look at this link and tell me what you would change.

And if you’re a Doper in the SF Bay Area (heck, I can take on all of California via email, and you need tax preparation service, fill out the contact form… or just PM me!

Two things pop out at me. What’s the purpose of that white box on the right side? Is it going to hold something?

The other is the alignment of you banner. You might want to center the picture vertically, and the words horizontally within their frame. Here’s a mockup of what I mean.

Sigh… that white box is supposed to be a widget from IRS. Damn thing’s been a pain anyway, and if it doesn’t show up for you, I’m taking it out.

Thanks for your input; I’ll work on the graphics some more.