Taxi Drivers and Death

I’ve heard that the most likely profession to die on the job is taxi drivers. Is this true? If so, I assume it is due to murders. Or are car crashes also a factor?
Speaking of car crashes, if a taxi driver seriously injures passengers, what are the consequences? Does he lose his job?

Taxi drivers are indeed burdened with the aspect of getting shot during a robbery and dying in an automobile accident.

Many of us on this board may still be in the age group where our most likely cause of death is an accident. Taxi drivers get to make that possibility part of their working day while the rest of us don’t.

No idea, but I just couldn’t help to reamrk the following:

In one (rather satirical) magazine I read, there was a test/comparison between the different Saints - you know each Saint has to protect a certain business, and which Saint is providing best security? The loser of the test, the Saint with the highest accident rate among his clients, was St. Christopher, patron of taxi drivers and so on.

I know, it’s not really related to your question, but anyway…