Teach Me The Ways Of The Luchador!

For years I’ve had some vague idea of the popularity of the masked wrestler in Mexico. I knew that somebody called El Santo even made a series of superhero films. But it wasn’t something I was interested in.

Then came the day I saw Los Luchadores! . I was hooked. Sadly, the show did not last long.

Last year, the WB premiered Mucha Lucha . The show started a new season today.

Finally, I recently upgraded from a 30 year old television to a 12 year old model. My reception has improved enough to watch channel 65, Unavision. Watching the luchador on Sabado Gigante, turned my curiosity into an aching hunger.

I must know more. I must see more.

Google and the like return far too many hits. I implore my fellow Dopers to educate me on the subject.

How did luchara begin?
Other than El Santo, who are the great lights of masked wrestling?
What is the state of masked wrestling today?

I must know!

Some of the great masked luchadores include Rey Mysterio, Black Tiger (used by various wrestlers, uncluding Eddy Guerrero and Fit Finlay(!)), and La Parka, the guy in ther skeleton suit.

Here’s a source for its history.

You should know that there are 2 main circuits: CMLL or EMLL and AAA. AAA is considered the entertainment one, whereas CMLL has many of the better wrestlers.

Thanks. But I feel we should avoid use of that word. A thread in which Cathode and Capacitor discuss circuits would be confusing on so many levels.

Aha, another lucha fan!

This site, From Parts Unknown, is THE lucha headquarters online:


Trust me, bookmark it. It’ll answer all your questions and hook you more than ever on masked wrestling action. And then go buy the back issues of their magazine! You’ll thank me.

And if you get Galavision, they show lucha libre (CMLL and AAA) on Saturdays.

The most well known Mexican wrestling guy nowadays isn’t even a Mexican wrestling guy. He calls himself Strong Bad, and he’s just an all-around cool guy.

Please don’t ask him how he’s able to type with boxing gloves on…he hates that. There’s one…apparently, luchadores can type with gloves on. They apparently never take off their costumes in the films they star in. (“Do you take off your face and hands before you go to bed? What are you, some kind of robot? And if you are, what kind of powers do you have? Do you use them for good or for awesome?”)