teachers, students and sexual bribes

anyteachers out there ever had a student try to sexually bribe you for a better grade. i hear about these things time to time in the news. i always wondered if they were more common place than i thought

Nothing explicit. I had several female students come into my office and state emphatically that they had to have a better grade, following which they would sort of stare at the floor and wait, passively and almost limply, at a distance of ~4 feet. The phrase “presenting themselves” comes to mind. {I have this to offer}. My overly-analytical imagination?

I was in a writing workshop where a (female) student submitted a semi-pornagraphic story with a teacher-student relationship, it was not very well written and as I read it, all its meager substance seem to lend itself to the proposition of which you have spoken, and I couldn’t help but be embarrassed for the author. I mean, if you think the professor is that kind of a horndawg, why not just slip him a note?

I had a several freindly conversations with one of my college professors. We were close to the same age, as I had taken numerous years off from school.

During one of these conversations, he told me that he will get at least one offer of a blowjob for an A from one of the younger female students every year. It was not uncommon, he said, to get one such offer for each class he taught. He said he always turned these offers down.

Of course, he could have been pulling my leg.

I was working study hall once when I caught a student tearing the wood off a seat. Since she was 1) vandalizing school property and 2) playing with a really sharp piece of wood, I decided to run her in to the disciplinarian’s office. On the way, she was on the verge of tears–apparently the demerit she was about to get would be enough to get her into serious trouble (she’d already had a LOT for the school year).

She offered to do “anything” if I let her off the hook. I didn’t push it any and continued to escort her to the office. It was a curious moment, though–not that I’d take her up on it, but I wondered if she’d meant what it sounded like. Oy…kids today.

I’ve also had students say “I’ll do anything… I mean, ANYTHING, to improve my grade.” To which my reply is along the lines of “The time to do something about your grade was ten weeks ago, not now, a week before the final exam.” I have never had anyone who was more specific, e.g. blowjobs, etc.

Well, the chair of my biology dept at my high school was dragged off in handcuffs after he admitted to having sex with a (very underage) student to an undercover cop. This after years of rumors that he routinely required favors for his recommendations and assistance in national science competitions. Lots of whining followed: “oh I have a sickness, wah wah wah poor me.”

It was a well known fact that my high school history teacher was sleeping with several students. I was good friends with one of the guys who slept with her. We were at a party one night and started talking about “Ms. Scott” and he told me all about it. He never turned in homework and always got D’s and F’s on his tests but he passed her class with a B. A few of the guys on the football team did the deed with her too because they had to keep their grades up so they could continue to play football.

Pulling your leg about the offer, or about turning them down?


My brother is a high school History teacher, and he told me that he gets an offer almost every year, usually a bj for an A. He said the most pathetic one offered “anything” for JUST A PASSING GRADE!
When I was in high school, I offered one teacher a hundred bucks to get bumped up from a D. She did not appreciate my offer!

My brother is a high school History teacher, and he told me that he gets an offer almost every year, usually a bj for an A. He said the most pathetic one offered “anything” for JUST A PASSING GRADE!
When I was in high school, I offered one teacher a hundred bucks to get bumped up from a D. She did not appreciate my offer!

When I returned to the U.S. after the military and working and traveling, I went to college and was at an age closer to the instructors than the students for the most part.

While attending I dated a few of my instructors and for the most part I earned my grades in the classroom not the bedroom. But I will admit on at least two occasions, I received better grades than I should have. I never expected the higher grades, and I definitely didn’t ask for them. On both occasions I brought up the subject and one woman said that while my test grades were not very good, I understood the subject better than those test would indicate. As I remember, the other said something to the effect that I shouldn’t look a gift in the…well, mouth.

I took that course later from another instructor and earned the grade in the classroom.

When I was a college professor, I had a male student offer to do “anything” (with a meaningful look) for a better grade. I laughed and asked if that included studying. Thought no more of it. About 6 months later, the other shoe dropped.

I can be very dense.

Funny I should find this. Today I was accused of sleeping with my French teacher. The class found out that I have a 104% in there with three missing homework assignments (I did all the extra credit and answered the bonus questions on the tests correctly). It was more joking than anything else, but I was accused nonetheless.

Vous prostituée d’un étudiant. Vous avez probly jamais même regardé un mot français. Tricheur!!!
(au cas où vous ne l’obtiendriez pas, je plaisante)

“Probly” est un mot en Francais?

Comment-allez vous, Babelfish? Long time, no see!

I’ve also been accused of doing so with my German teacher due to my high grades. No serious accusations, of course.

Sie ist nicht schoen…

I taught at the college level for 20-mumble years. And not once did I ever hear the remotest hint of such a suggestion. Not even a “I’ll do anything (pause).” Nor did any one of my fellow faculty ever state to me that such a thing had happened to them. (Not that it didn’t, but that no one ever said so.) I taught a lot of female students over the years. I cannot believe this occurs all that often.

On the other hand, as a graduate student I was propositioned by another student to give up a research result in return for … What was really awful about that is she went ahead and published it as her own anyway. She is now quite well known but still just as dumb. Sex can get some people a long way.:mad:

I must admit that when I saw the title of this thread I was thinking the OTHER way around - the TEACHER bribing the STUDENT.


Well, there is a civil suit going on now where Vili Fualaau (the young man that Mary Kay Letourneau had the affair with when he was 12!) and his mother are suing the Shoreline schools and police department for $2 million for not doing enough to protect him from MKL.

One of the things that he has said on the witness stand was that she offered to strip for him - one item of clothing for each question he got correct on a quiz :rolleyes: