Teaching demo: Teaching SAT story/passage.......need to cram it into 10 minutes

So I am doing a teaching demo for a job (potential hiring as a tutor) and part of it involves needing to teach SAT prep - I need to teach a “student” the SAT Reading portion where the student reads a long literature passage and then has to answer multiple-choice questions based off of that passage.

Problem is, I only get 10 minutes to do this part of the demo. In a real SAT, the student would be supposed to read the long lit passage by himself. But as a tutor, how do I do this? Reading the whole passage out loud would be awkward and take perhaps the entirety of the ten minutes all in itself. Telling the student, “OK, read this passage and then we’ll start addressing the questions” would make for several awkward minutes of silence. I can’t skip the passage.

Any suggestions how to do this?

Assuming you’re doing this mock teaching session with a student…

Start with presenting to the student the strategies they should employ while reading the passage.

Then walk the student through the first two sentences, demonstrating whatever technique you are teaching them.

Then finish by saying “ok now you read for a bit and we’ll see how you do”, but that’s the end of the demo.

Ok but I still have to tackle the questions (multiple choice) after the passage, so that can’t be the end of the demo.

Ok, so can you do the first few sentences and finish with having the student answer a few multiple choice questions relavent to the sentences she read?

Ah that’s a thought. :slight_smile:

If you have 10 minutes for the demo - does that mean the process must be 10 mins long or just that the demo is restricted to 10 minutes? If it’s the latter, do what **IvoryTowerDenizen **suggested first, stop the tape and let the “student” read the passage (or video a few moments of the student employing the techniques, but not for the entire time) and then “return” to the video stating the student was finished reading in x number of minutes and then do the follow up.

Demo is restricted to 10 minutes.

So, did you have your interview? What did you end up doing?

It worked. I told the student to do two quick read-throughs; one lasting only a few seconds (to skim the overall gist) of the story to get what it was about, then a 2nd, longer, reading.